Some people have fond memories of record players while others are only getting started building new ones. With vinyl records being first played more than a half century ago it truly can be seen as an age old experience. Over the years the record player and vinyl industry has had many spectacular ups and even downs. Luckily with the vinyl renaissance taking place it’s safe to say that things which were once great are becoming even greater once more. As more and more countries join the vinyl crusade and markets in the USA and Europe growing at unprecedented rates we can say without any doubt that vinyl is not dead and here to stay.

Fast forward to 2017 and the need for record players and modernized versions called turntable keep on growing. Together with this growth vinyl record sales are increasing and more people are looking for suitable ways to display, store and enjoy their collections. That’s where Premier Records come in… We’ve decided to put our heads together to help future and current vinyl enthusiasts by creating buyer guides specific to their needs, blogging about news surrounding the industry and sharing new products. We love music and have put a lot of work into this website. Here are some of our most important pieces of content to date:

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