All Music Guide Review – Classic, Blues, Rock, Jazz & More

all music guide book reviewThe All Music Guide is an attractive range of paperback books based on the music industry, its history, artists, song styles and more. In this short guide, we’re going to do a quick review about this extensive music history source.

We first discovered the All Music Guidebook range when we visited This website is a free source of in-depth musical entertainment information and offers one of a kind news articles, music releases, and media.  We realized that there were similarly titled books available on Amazon and decided to investigate further. That’s when we were first introduced to it.

Even though there is ample information available on artists online, some people still love the feel of an old-fashioned book in their hands. Reading a book via your mobile device is quick and easy, yet holding a physical book or magazine in your hands provides a whole different experience. This way you can fully soak up the information presented and immerse yourself in it.

The All music guide does exactly what it says: It helps users learn and discover more about music than they ever could have imagined. These range of books contain multiple editions covering numerous popular genres such as classical, blues, rock, jazz, electronica, Gospel, rap, folk, reggae, R&B, soul and more.

All Music Guide: The Definitive Guide To Popular Music

This particular edition covers music from 4000 artists and 20 000 different music albums. It’s no wonder that the book contains 1400 pages of pure musical knowledge packed together in one single volume. This particular volume covers tracks from a variety of artistic genres.

You can expect to find info about artist statistics, musical styles, ratings, reviews, history and other quintessential topics bound to keep you entertained. The authors warn however that ratings and reviews in the book might differ from that of the website.

None the less, All Music Guide is a music fan’s fantasy come true! Whether you want to discover and learn about a long list of different music genres or be specific and focus on unique styles, such as Rock or Classical, you’ll enjoy this one. Take a look at the different volumes available below.

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