5 Beautifull music furniture items from the past and present

The Premier Records website initially started when we decided to help collectors find functional and affordable record stands with our record player furniture guide. Since then our love for vinyl and stylish home units has grown exponentially. We’ve decided to gather a few antique, unique and modern musical furniture items all in one place for you to enjoy.

Antique Retro Radios

Information on this antique radio is limited, but isn’t it something amazing to look at? I can remember clearly how my dad used to keep his old Radio in the garage and even played it a few times. Regarding using them to listen to music, I would think that they won’t amount to much these days. As a piece of antique or retro home item, however, it looks great.


antique record furniture gramophone

This one is called a Schell Corner Plate 78 RPM Gramophone. It’s not a furniture piece, but yet again it can make a bold statement in almost any room. Still, information on this item is unfortunately limited. It seems information on a lot of antique home furnishing pieces hasn’t made their way to the World Wide Web yet.

Here’s another vintage record player just because we like vintage record player furniture.

Wendell Castle Music Stand

With this item, there is entirely no doubt that its furniture and not music equipment. Sorry for drawing the lines earlier… Either way, this piece is a piece of modern design from a furniture designer called Wendell Castle who operates from Rochester. This music stand looks like something only a professional musician can use. It’s created from a combination of rosewood and oak wood and has four lines to support music notes.

Custom Piano Cabinet Furniture

This is precisely the kind of custom music furniture that we like. It takes a lot of creativity and simplicity to come up with an idea like this. The designer of this item just took an old piano frame, gave it a good paint job and removed all the parts from the inside. He also added a few levels for shelving options.

The result is a one of a kind piano stand furniture item. I wouldn’t mind swapping out my old bookcase for one of these. However, you would probably need a lot of room for something like this since it is a huge item.

Drummer musical lights

The last item on our list is this drummer themed light. Previously we reviewed a vinyl light on our vinyl accessories and gifts post. We thought it was the best thing ever. Although drumming isn’t our thing, this is something that a lot of drummers probably will like. This piece of furniture would probably not be that hard to create yourself either.

Out of all these pieces of home furnishings, I have to say the piano case was my favorite. How about you? Which one did you like the most?