20 Of The Best Vinyl Record Storage Pieces For 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a serious vinyl collector or even just a novice you might be looking for a way to safely or proudly display your records. Options are almost limitless, but in this guide we’re going to show you the best LP vinyl storage options available on the market right now for 2017.

vintage vinyl record storagePreviously we wrote an extensive review covering over 20 record player stands and other furniture pieces, so be sure to visit that page if you’re looking for a bigger more versatile furniture piece. With this buyer’s guide the focus will be solely on standalone separate vinyl record storage units that can store anywhere from 1 – 200 and more records. As with our other buyer guides we plan on giving you as much information as possible to help you find the best storage unit for your current LP collection. Whether its box shaped, made from metal, wood or normal shelving, you can rest assured that we added it to the list. Styles on the items we review do differ, but chances are you’ll find the odd vintage, retro and modern designed piece in their somewhere. Most of the products we reviewed can either be found on Etsy, Urban Outfitters or Amazon.

For ease of use we’ll be dividing vinyl storage options into three categories according to materials used and / or type which will include: wood, metal and carry storage units. As far as pricing goes you’ll find that most record storage products are relatively inexpensive and cost less than $100. You do however get certain items, specifically the larger and handmade (mostly Etsy) ones, which can be a bit more expensive and from $100 to $300. That being said there’s something here for any budget.

Metal vinyl record storage units

Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

The first metal unit we found is a rather large storage option from Urban Outfitters called the Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack. It comes standard in a gold color and is made mostly from metal. It provides three different racks with each being displayed at a slight angle tilted forward. The metal and definition used (holes and different lines) gives it a lot of character and a vintage feel. Some buyers have said that it’s slightly difficult to see the records when standing in front of it and looking down due to the fact that it is tilted forward. However the functionality of the design is that way so that a user can stand in front of the rack and access records on all different levels while seeing the covers (hopefully you understand what we’re trying to say).

It can comfortably hold between 40-50 records. For under $100 its great value for money and a nice piece of vintage furniture that can bring some character to a room.

Measurements / Size: 13.75″l x 9″w x 35″h


Vincent Vinyl Storage

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

You don’t see many blue colored storage options on the market and for something so simple the Vincent Vinyl Storage unit from Urban Outfitters does the job. It has a metal frame covered in baby blue paint which can actually be used in two different ways. Tilt it upside down and use the wire racks as storage for individual or multiple LP’s or use it the right way around by stacking records on top of each other. The number of vinyl records that can be stored do vary as you have 2 different storing options. It’s probably not great for storing more than 50 records as we’re not sure the amount of weight it can carry.

It’s undoubtedly simple and the price completely justifies it coming in in the $50-$100 range. For someone on a very tight budget, that also loves metal racks, this is a great option. See it in black below.

Measurements / Size: 16″l x 12.5″w x 18″h


Cramer Vinyl Storage Crate

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

This small and functional metal storage crate from Urban Outfitters called the Cramer Vinyl Crate is good value for money. For less than $100 you get a uniquely designed item made mostly out of metal and even have the option of choosing between two colors: lime and dark green. What we like is the fact that it actually has a bottom metal sheet to protect your records which means records don’t have to press directly on the floor. This also gives you the opportunity to buy more than one of these items and stack them on each other. The diamond and circle shapes made out of metal on the side ads to the versatility of this furniture item. Buy more than one and create different pattern arrangements.

Just a quick note for stacking purposes: If you plan on storing mostly vinyl in this crate then stacking more than one crate on top of each other might not work so well. We’re not sure if you’ll be able to easily get each record through the holes in the sides without damaging them or the covers. However for a standalone container it will do the job and the price is not out of this world either.

Measurements / Size: 13.375″l x 13.375″w x 13.75″h


12″ Vinyl record storage metal crate

Source: etsy.com

Design Atelier Article from Etsy brings you this handmade 12 inch metal vinyl record storage crate designed in a typical industrial minimalistic style. This metal item is actually made in the Ukraine and has no color variations since the design style typifies an industrial look. As for vinyl storage it claims to be able to host up to 100 records. Besides it’s awesome design it’s relatively large looking piece of furniture as storing 100 LP’s isn’t a small feat. To make it even easier to use it comes standard with wheels to make transporting a breeze. As far as handmade custom items go the pricing is much higher than the average storing unit and around the $100 – $200 mark. Shipping to the USA on Etsy is free however (please just check this option as the seller might change it in the future) which means you don’t have pay extra to get it delivered which is pretty great.

We tend to like this one – the fact that it’s on wheels make it very functional. Be sure to check out other products from Design Atelier Article especially the 80 LP record metal wheel create they have by clicking here. The only reason we didn’t write a review about it, is that it’s essentially the same product just designed slightly different and a bit smaller.

See it here.

Measurements / Size: 13 2/3″W x 20 1/2″L by 9 2/3″H


Vintage Vinyl plate stand

Source: etsy.com

Here’s something completely different – a vintage Western Germany Mid Century vinyl record stand / plate stand. It’s sold by Moovi on Etsy and as many items with a dash of color this one drew our attention. Unfortunately this yellow 1970’s piece is literally one of a kind since the seller isn’t producing them on a larger scale. It is however a very functional item seeing as it has a handle in the middle that helps you easily move the storage unit (although records might fall out of the sides). At just under $100 the price does seem a bit high, but it is Vintage after all. It was worth showing you anyway – maybe when reading this the seller might have decided to start selling them full time.

Measurements / Size: 7, 87″ W x 7, 87″ H


Wooden vinyl record storage units

Wooden Vinyl Record Stand Hold

Source: etsy.com

Here’s a perfect wooden stand for an amateur record collector or someone that wants easy access to 12 of their favorite record without sorting through 100’s of vinyl. This item made by 1 Man 1 Garage (seller on Etsy) is made out of birch wood, can host 12 vinyl records and is designed in a Mid-century Modern style. What’s unique is the fact that it comes with a “Now Playing” side clip and some other cool items all for in the low $50  -$100 range making it really cheap.

The item needs to be assembled, but assembly seems pretty straight forward. Unfortunately there aren’t any color variations available and storage capabilities are limited. The designer did however state that you can easily paint it. If you have some old paint lying around you can give it a bit of color. If not, keep it just the way it is and grow from there.

Measurements / Size: 12″ long, 9″ wide, 6″ tall


Vinyl Record Holder Wood Crate

Here’s a product from Amazon that’s very straight forward, functional and insanely affordable. Information on this record holder / crate is very limited; however it is estimated to be able to hold up to 89 records. It seems to be made from some kind of pine, but is reported to be sturdy even after storing a bunch of LP’s in it. As for style and color there isn’t much to say. You would probably buy this product just for the sake of storing your records and not for aesthetics or looks.

One customer even noted that they probably could have done a better job themselves in their garage. Either way you get what you pay for and for very little money ($0-$100 range) this is a simple storage solution that might just meet your storage needs. Unfortunately it’s all it will do.

Measurements / Size: 17 x 13.5 x 14 inches



Atlantic Record Crate Shelf, Natural Wood Look

The Atlantic Record crate shelf is another super low cost offering that has the ability to store up to 50 records. The type of wood used remains uncertain although they dubbed it having a “natural wood look”. We liked the fact that it has a handle on both ends making it easy to pick up. However seeing as it doesn’t have a bottom shelf preventing records from falling out you probably need to tilt the crate when picking it up to prevent vinyl from falling out.

Then there’s the logo on the side… This is not something that we’d call attractive and another customer agreed stating that the graphics aren’t even imprinted. Instead it’s just a sticker placed on both sides. Once again this item really does not cost a lot of money and one simply can’t expect a designer to create a magnificent one of a kind vinyl record storage container for so little money. In the end it has a ton of positive reviews, can store records and cost very little cash. Some might find that perfect, others probably would want something more appealing.

Measurements / Size: 15.5 x 14.9 x 2.2 inches


Now Playing Record Stand (3 Grooves)

Source: etsy.com

Moving back to Etsy here’s a very simple and classy offering from Sand And Stain called the Now Playing Record Stand. Simply put it’s a solid piece of wood covered in a Min wax stain with grooves fitting different variations of LP jackets. It’s a great standalone item and definitely something you would add to a room just for looks as functionality or clever use of space really isn’t the focus here. This piece would probably be an additional furniture item to a collector with an already well build collection.

There aren’t any color variations as the dark wood look seems to be the standard. However two variations in the number of grooves available do exist. We tend to like this one, mainly for its creativity and the fact that the price is also under $100 isn’t bad either, however it’s definitely not the best storage solution on the market.

Measurements / Size: 12.5″L x 4″W x 4″H


Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate

Crosley is a very big brand and popular name in the record player industry and with this storage crate it they’ve definitely hit the nail on the head. The Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage unit is very similar to previous affordable wooden options however we like it a lot more as it offers much more value. The style used is simple, even though someone says it’s something similar to retro based pieces they had in the 80’s and it’s actually made from solid wood (Plywood).

Price plays an important role here as it costs in between the $50 – $100 range which we believe is a big reason for its popularity on Amazon. This crate has a cool looking Crosley emblem on the side, holds around 75 vinyl records and actually has a bottom shelf / level preventing the records from falling out. The wood used on the sides make it easy to pick up and most of all LP’s won’t fall out when doing so. It’s got a lot of positive reviews and we think for the price range it’s a great buy.

Measurements / Size: 19 x 13 x 6 inches


Stackable Vinyl Record Storage Cube

Source: etsy.com

If you’re looking for something with a modern twist, uniqueness and a bit of color this stackable record storage option from Simple Wood Goods on Etsy is a great option. This storage cube is made from Baltic Birch Plywood directly in a local shop in Ohio and comes available in many different colors. Colors available are red, yellow, smoke (light black), black, blue and a few see-through materials in red and yellow. Just be sure to check all the products from the seller as you don’t have the option to choose different colors on individual listings. It’s made to store up to 70 LP’s, but the best thing about this furniture piece is that it has a door that opens and slides to the top where it is neatly tucked away.

Source: etsy.com

This makes accessing records pretty easy and also saves you a lot of space compared to having a cabinet door opening up to the outside. These pieces are actually stackable and you won’t have issues getting to your vinyl if you stack them. The different color variations make it easy for you to create a unique style or match them with the current look your specific room has. The price range is in the $50 – $100 range. It’s not expensive and also not cheap – something in between. We haven’t seen many modern options in the wood category so we think this one will be a big hit. It’s also very popular on Etsy seeing all the positive reviews it received.

Measurements / Size: 13″ tall x 12-7/8″ deep x 13-1/2″


Flip Tabletop Handcrafted Vinyl Record Storage

Source: etsy.com

Here’s an item from Etsy that screams quality and style! This Flip Tabletop Handcrafted Vinyl Record Storage unit is made by I Am Luno (Etsy seller) using quality materials such as solid walnut and brass with a wax finish. It’s not only a great unit to look at but makes sorting through your records a breeze. The price is slightly in the higher range ($100 – $200) given the fact that is can only store up to 35 records. It is however a quality piece, something with a modern and sturdy appeal.

We think that it might be priced a bit too high, but yet again it’s handmade with solid wood. If you’re prepared to pay that kind of money for LP record storage you won’t be disappointed.

Measurements / Size: 13″ H x 12″ W x 14″ D


Bamboo LP Vinyl Record Storage, stand, display, holder

Source: etsy.com

The guys from Revolver LP designed a range of amazing high quality products for vinyl enthusiasts on Etsy. They use a combination of high quality wood, Plexi glass and beautiful oil to build very unique items. This particular LP Vinyl stand is made from bamboo wood although they also have other variations available using mahogany, oak, black lacquer and more. It can hold around 50 records and makes sorting and searching for them easy – simply flip through records as you would in an old school store.

Pricing tends to be in the $100 – $200 range however we feel that the uniqueness and different materials used justifies the price. You also don’t see many vinyl items using Plexi glass… It’s definitely not a storage piece that you’ll be moving around a lot as the sides are open as if not careful when picking it up, LP’s will fall out. It’s very stationary, but something that will most certainly catch ones eye when entering a room – part of the reason we chose to add it to the list.

Measurements / Size: 14″ wide by 14″ deep and 13″ high


Vinyl Storage, Double 12” record display

Source: etsy.com

This Double 12 inch Vinyl record display unit from DK Vinyl Displays is a big hit on Etsy. This piece is made from mahogany and a whole array of paint inside and out. To be honest it’s a very simple design, relatively big piece of furniture (compared to other storage options), but it works and provides the functionality a record collector needs. In essence it’s a type of wooden box with a separation piece in the middle providing you the ability to store up to 60 vinyl records on both sides which means 120 in total storage. We like the fact that there are so many color options to choose from – another great benefit of purchasing handmade pieces. You are able to choose from more than 10 colors including: yellow, white, black, blue, purple, grey and more.

Price is on the higher end of the $100 – $200 range, but judging from the amount of records it can store and positive reviews it well worth it. DK Vinyl Displays also have smaller storing options available as well as a few designs with a unique modern vintage retro combination. Be sure to take a look at their other products below for even more options.

Here are the single units we talked about.

Measurements / Size: Width – 27.5”, Height – 10.5”, Depth – 13.5”


Deluxe Vinyl Record Storage System

Source: etsy.com

This Deluxe Vinyl Storage System from Wicker Wood Works is the biggest item we’ve listed by far and also one of the most expensive ones. However, hold your horses – it’s still affordable in the low $200 – $300 range. This wood furniture piece is made with a dark walnut stain although the seller does provide the option of using different colored stains (remember to contact him personally via Etsy for this). Wicker Wood Works have a way of creating high quality vintage pieces that simply work. That being said this one is probably not for a beginner vinyl collector. It can store up to 220 records – yes, over 200! To fully enjoy it you should be a big time collector or plan to seriously grow the amount of LP’s you own in the near future.

This is actually not the only vintage vinyl record storage furniture piece they have to offer – they actually have too many to review. We’ve added a few additional products for you to see below. Getting back to the Deluxe storage system we believe it fits easily into a vintage room design, seeing as it can store more than 200 LP’s and is handmade it’s good value for money and one of the best offerings on the list.

Measurements / Size: 28.5″ wide 24″ tall and 14.5″ deep


Carry vinyl record storage units

Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case

We start our list of vinyl carry cases with the Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case. This 60’s retro inspired storage case comes standard as a brown leather type of color, has an easy to handle enclosure and metal handle to take with you almost anywhere. What’s great is that it really does a good job at protecting your records. Place them inside, close the lid and you don’t have to worry about dust or any other common LP damages taking place. It holds around 30 records and is priced in the $50 – $100 range.

Customers on Amazon seem to really love this case as it has almost 200 reviews on Amazon alone with much of the reviews being positive. We think it’s a great option for those that are traveling or collectors that are slightly over protective of their LP’s. This can be a great addition to a room, especially for someone that loves all things vintage or retro. The price also doesn’t seem to be an issue either.

Measurements / Size: 6.8 x 13.8 x 14.2 inches


1byone Vinyl Record Storage Case for 30 Albums, Blue

The 1byone Vinyl Record Case is very similar as the Crosley CR401-TA we mentioned previously. We added it solely as it has a unique baby blue color and the fact that we think we all need some color in our lives. As far as functionality goes it can store 30 LP’s, also has metal snaps and a metal handle to easily carry to case. There are clear benefits to storing your records in such a case as it provides great protection.

We do however believe that this case, seeing as it’s also priced in the $50 – $100 range, was built mainly to compete against Crosley’s version and 1byone has pulled it off. Overall people seem to like this case; however as always with Amazon reviews, there was the odd customer that weren’t happy at all. We still like it for the different color or style option it provides and for a small vinyl collection what more do you need?

Measurements / Size: 13.8 x 6.9 x 14.2 inches


Crosley Folklore LP Carrier

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

The Crosley Folklore LP Carrier case has a typical antique store, one of a kind vintage feel to it. The material has flower prints outside and inside the case which makes it way more unique than the previous two vinyl carry cases we mentioned and any other we will mention for that matter. The color of the metal used on sides, for the closure and part of the handle is a type of bronze shade which adds to the vintage look. Not much separates it from the previous Crosley and 1byone case as it also stores up to 30 LP’s. As for pricing it tends to fit the $50 – $100 range.

If you have an eye for detail and are the type of person that love antique furniture this will fit you perfectly. We know it’s not really an antique, but you get the picture. We like this case a lot, but our only justification for the price would be the amazing detail on the case itself.

Measurements / Size: 13.5″, Height: 14″, Depth: 6.5″


Odyssey K45120BLK Krom Utility/Record Case, Black

The Odyssey K45120BLK Krom Utility Vinyl case is a very functional and affordable piece. It’s not the best looking one we’ve seen, but for the price ($50 – $100 range) it’s a great contender. It’s a very sturdy case with a quality metal closure and handle – easy to pick up and transport. The metal latch, called a butterfly latch, makes it unique as the lid can bend over and be put underneath the case itself. The design seems to be something out of a band member’s garage and we can definitely see the appeal this will have to serious music fans and even musicians. Even though it can hold up to 120 vinyl records just keep in mind that it is made with 7 inch records in mind. The interior is also outlined with foam for further protection of records.

If you’re looking for the same style of case that can store 12 inch vinyl records be sure to take a look at the Odyssey LKP1 LP CASE Black vinyl storage unit as seen in the pictures below.

Measurements / Size: 9.2 x 17.8 x 9.8 inches


Odyssey CLP200P Carpeted Pro Lp Case With Recessed Hardware

Our last vinyl carry case is one a serious collector with a lot of LP’s will love. The Odyssey CLP200P Carpeted Pro case has a black carpet exterior (again something a band member would love); easy to carry with handles on both sides and has a lid that can be detached from the case itself – a lot of great features. The storage capability is up to 200 records and in the low $100 – $200 range it’s one of the cheapest in its range by far. Reviewers and buyers tend to really like this item a lot. Seeing as we’re into storage pieces that have a bit more character and style this one is not our favorite. However for functionality, price and movability the Odyssey CLP200P offers it hits it out of the park!

Measurements / Size: 28″W x 14″H x 14.5″D


Final thoughts

So there you have it – 20 of the best vinyl record storage options we were able to find. You’ve got storage boxes; carry cases, crates, shelves, racks, metal, wood and even carpet. That means a lot to choose from. Even though our reviews tend to be short they should help you find the best one for you in 2017. Take care of those records and happy listening!