25 Of The Best Record Player Stands, Cabinets, Tables & Consoles – 2017 Buyer’s Guide

We all know that vinyl is on the rise once more. It’s estimated that record sales were the highest it’s been over the past few decades during 2016. People are dusting off old record players and some entering the market for the first time with brand new turntables. With the rebirth of vinyl, vintage and retro becoming the new trend, you need somewhere to display your collection and music equipment. This might lead you to the realization that you need a record player stand, table, cabinet, or media console – something that not only is functional, but transforms into the ultimate showpiece. We like to call it a conversion starter…

black turntableWhen it comes to choosing a turntable stand there’s a lot to think about – this will not be just another piece of furniture. You’ve put a lot of work into your collection and if you’re really serious about vinyl it might have even cost you a lot of money. You want to display it correctly, protect your records and enjoy it to the fullest. Things like different types of furniture, style (vintage, retro, modern and rustic), size, materials used, functionality and price need to be kept in consideration when making your decision. Here with our ultimate buyer’s guide we aim to eliminate any confusion by saving you time, giving you as much information possible and providing you with a list of the best record player stand and furniture options for 2017. We’ll be showing you the best Amazon, Etsy, Urban Outfitters and other small brand sellers have to offer – and off course give you our honest opinion.

Please don’t confuse this with vinyl record storage options. Most of the furniture items we’ll be talking about do have an option for this; however the focus is rather on displaying your record player or turntable itself. We have created a separate post on additional vinyl record storage options here.

Different types of record player furniture: Stands vs Tables vs Cabinets vs Media Consoles

While conducting our due diligence we noticed a lot of different terms used for record player furniture. Let’s just quickly differentiate between these furniture items so that you can use this guide better. If this is common knowledge and you have no interest here feel free to move on to the next section.

Stands / Tables: Record player stands and tables are very similar in nature and are mostly smaller furniture
pieces made out of wood or even wire (metal). Mostly (this may differ) they are open, meaning you can see what is inside or placed on different levels. Most record player enthusiasts know and search for these items online.

Cabinets: Record player cabinets tend to be bigger in size, although small cabinets do exist, and is normally defined as a furniture piece with drawers and shelving with storage options. Many cabinets have closed options, meaning doors to conceal what is inside.

Consoles / Media Consoles: These furniture items tend to be big entertainment pieces to house all your music equipment, records, amps and maybe even speakers. In terms of record players this particular furniture piece seems to have been very popular in the earlier vinyl days (in the 1950’s) and the centerpiece of every bachelor pad.

Choosing the right one for you

You’ll notice that a lot of the stands and furniture we review we tend to like and to be honest that makes it very hard to say the “X” is the best record player stand or cabinet or table or whatever. Cheaper furniture items will cost anywhere between $50 – $200 while more expensive items can be $200 – $1000 and ever more – especially the one of a kind designer items. However, like you’ll hear us say over and over again, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect to buy a $50 item and be able to host a collection of a thousand records. The higher than price the more functionality, storage, better quality and better design. When it comes to choosing the best one for you, it’s really up to what you need and what you are willing to spend. That being said our short reviews will give you an oversight of each product, what we liked and what we didn’t. It will help you make a decision – let’s get started!


Record player stands and tables

Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand

The Crossley Manchester Entertainment Center Stand is a great entry level record player stand for someone on a tight budget. It’s a very simple design and has a sort of modern retro feel to it. Made out of wood and some wire it’s only available in one color, called Paprika, which is a combination of brown and red. This small table comes standard with two levels: The bottom level is for vinyl storage (average of 50 vinyl records) and includes wired slots to prevent records from falling out of the sides. The wire slots are a great addition as many competitors don’t have that functionality. The top level is a simple table top which is perfect for displaying a turntable or record player.

The Crosley stand does come disassembled; however manufacturers assure clients that it can be assembled within a matter of minutes. Overall reviews on Amazon for the product has been good, however some say that it can be a bit wobbly. That being said it remains good value for money and we think it can easily fit into almost any room design.

Measurements / Size: 25 x 13.8 x 18.2 inches


Crosley Radio Wire Cord Black Turntable Stand

The Crosley Radio Wire Cord stand is yet another great entry level offering from Crosley. This item is budget friendly, made out of steel wire (black in color) it gives a modern and simplistic feel although some have referred to it as “retro”. The stand has two wired shelves which can be used to store a record player and amplifier, or other equipment, and a vinyl storage shelf at the bottom. The amount of vinyl records it can host is uncertain however one customer claimed to have 23 vinyl records stored and space left for almost twice that amount. There are however mixed reviews about this product. It’s a relatively cheap item (under $100) and some people are okay with the build and functionality it provides.

A few other past customers have deemed it “thin” so don’t expect to host a whole collection and complete system on it. We still like it and it’s definitely something different as compared to the other stands on the market. Just keep its limitations in mind and be sure to tighten all bolt and assemble correctly when it get delivered.

Measurements / Size: 26.5W x 16.37D x 37H inches



Handmade Vinyl Record end Table by Wicker Wood Works

What’s cooler than having some amazing display item for your vinyl collection and turntable equipment? Having a custom colored, handmade table off course! If you have a bit more money to spend, want something unique and love the look and feel of vintage handmade furniture this piece from Wicker Wood Works is perfect for you. This United States based company builds custom furniture that is sturdy and made out of quality materials. You have a choice of 5 different finishes including vintage blue, dark walnut, red mahogany, ebony and gold oak and the seller actually states that you can even choose something else if you like.  This vinyl record table has three levels with the bottom being allocated mostly to records and the 2nd and 3rd level a combination of records and space for other ornaments.

Within the product images itself this piece of furniture is not shown to host record players although the dimensions seem to be able to fit most devices. It can also host up to 175 records. Be sure to contact the seller if you have any questions regarding size as we’re sure he can even make it bigger if needed since he makes each item from scratch. Individual sellers, tend to be more responsive. Overall we tend to like the look of this table as it’s something different and the vintage look is very popular these days. It is however more expensive, but an awesome way to show off your collection.

Measurements / Size: 28.5″x14.5″x24″


Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand

record player standThe Lino Phono Turntable Station is a very unique and simplistic modern piece of furniture. The people who created this functional piece of furniture have experience in selling over 20 000 items in and around the vinyl scene. They describe this design as being created by “Turntable Experts + World Class Architects” which fits perfectly if you ask us. Although a relatively young company they claimed to have sold over 1000 Line Phono stations till date. The design is simple, the functionality just what you need, the quality strong and sturdy and assembly relatively easy. It has four different levels with the top two levels being allocated to your amplifier and turntable / record player. The bottom two levels are designed for storing vinyl records while each one has the capability to store around 100 records. To eliminate any confusion, that means it can host 200 records in total.

The wood or materials used are called MDF (speckling and color variation based look) and does not need to be painted. The creators specifically wanted to give it a unique matt look so that all the textures of materials can be seen and that they can differentiate themselves from the normal bland Ikea based furniture designs. The Line Phone comes available in two different colors of materials used including carbon (charcoal black) and Birch (light brown and the latest addition to the product range). The height of shelves can be adjusted; it has a hook for headphones and has multiple cable wholes to easily manage cables. This record player stand has a great way of storing a big amount of records and equipment without taking up a lot of space in the room.

This is definitely a much more expensive piece of furniture compared to some of the entry level Crosley stands we mentioned earlier, but yet again you get what you pay for and it can handle so much more equipment. Reviews for this stand have been great and with more than 1000 being sold, the numbers speak for themselves.

Measurements / Size: 21.6 x 17.5 x 39.5 inches

Here’s a video about the Line Phono:


Vintage House Coruna Solid Wood Record Table Stand

Vintage House Coruna is a handmade furniture maker on Amazon that specializes in solid wood pieces including tables, night stands and more. This record table stands follows a Mid Century Danish Minimalist design and is made from solid pine, solid oak for the legs and a dark varnish to protect the wood. It’s an interesting piece of furniture that almost looks like some kind item a student would have in his room to study on. However it’s actually a lot less boring and way more functional than that! It has two spaces with the one on the left side mostly being used to store records and the top piece an additional space for records or even other music equipment. As the seller demonstrates in the image the record player fits nicely on top of the table.

Normally it also leaves space for some other ornaments beside your turntable on top. It does not come in any different colors or variation, but with some motivation I’m sure it’s possible to get Vintage House to add some color to it. It’s a solid high quality piece and very stylish, but pricing tends to be in the high range.

Measurements / Size: W61 cm x H53 cm x L30 cm


DK Vinyl Displays Custom Record Player Stand

If you want to have something that is fully customizable and made especially for you this stand from DK Vinyl Displays is what you need. The designer and manufacturer of this piece works directly with you to create a piece with the color scheme and paint you desire. As he said: “a custom piece that will last a life time”. The product itself is very “green” and ecofriendly as materials used are recycled commercial grade MDF which is also very high quality. As for design you’ll notice it’s definitely something different with its triangular shapes legs on the sides. It almost resembles the Callum Media Stand from Urban Outfitters we’ll mention later in the guide. It has two levels with the bottom level build for displaying records with small handcrafted side panels to prevent them from falling out of the sides. It can store up to 400 records which is pretty amazing.

The top level is made for displaying turntables and as the seller indicates is built to fit most players in the market. It can also be used as additional storage space for records if you’re one of the lucky few to have a huge collection. The design looks very smooth, modern and we believe this will be a great hit within the community!

DK Vinyl Displays makes a lot of great furniture items for the record industry so be sure to visit their storefront on Amazon by clicking here.

Measurements / Size: W20 x H41 x L34 inches


The Wee Record Player Stand (Mid Century Modern)

Source: Etsy.com

There’s nothing “Wee” about the look and feel the Wee Record Player Stand from Tiny Lion Designs gives you. It’s a combination between an open cabinet stand in Mid Century Modern design with a dash of color. It seems simple, but very elegant and a definite center piece. Although the focus with this table stand seems to be on record storage the top level can easily be used to house a turntable or even display a television. In fact some customers have done just that (see the image below). This isn’t just another mass produced piece of furniture, it’s handmade with love and care and created to each customer’s specific standards. We’re not sure how many vinyl records it can store; however compared to dimensions of other models we assume it would fit 50 records nicely.

Each customer gets the option of choosing between four height ranges including: 20, 22, 26 inches or a custom height. When it comes to different colors used on the inside of the stand you have the option to choose from 19 different colors – some of which are very unique. Some that we like include: scarlet red, avocado, sea foam green, cobalt, sun yellow and burnt orange. We feel the price might be a bit high however you get a quality made piece of furniture, lots of different colors to choose from and Mid Century Modern design furniture don’t come cheap.

Measurements / Size: L24″ x W16″ x H22.5″


Vinyl Record Player Stand Chaise End Table

Source: Etsy.com

Oakland Academy creates custom designs with a lot of dark color, steel and wood. Their handmade designs have a typical industrial feel and are something very different compared to the other record player tables we’ve reviewed. In essence they call it “rustic modern”. None the less it’s very sturdy as the frame is made from steel and the top is made out of reclaimed wood (2 inches thick). As advertised the top level is used for the record player while the bottom level can double as a vinyl storage area and has space for an amplifier.

Again the number of vinyl records that can be stored is unclear although it seems like a lot if we have to be honest. The only issue is that there isn’t a wire rack or anything else to keep them from falling down, but you could probably get creative and solve that issue easily. Since reclaimed wood is used we’re assuming that materials can be hardwood, pine, maple or oak. Compared to other handmade record player furniture there aren’t any variations available, but overall it’s a great solution, priced fairly and one of a kind.

Measurements / Size: 30″L x 16.5″ W x 18″H


SAWoodworking Modern Record Player End Table

Source: Etsy.com

Shreeves Architectural Wood Working created a very stylish Mid Century Modern handmade record player / turntable stand. The focus is mostly on small vinyl collections and set ups, but it’s a really classy piece of furniture. The body of the table is made out of maple plywood and coated in a minimalistic satin white paint which adds to the modern feel. The drawer itself is made out of solid walnut and is kept as its natural brown color. As an added touch SAWoodworking has added hairpin / steel legs which are available in an assortment of colors. Customers get to choose between three leg finishes including: clear coat (slightly darker silver color), raw steel and satin black. We like satin black the most, unfortunately no variations in the color of the body is available.

However seeing as this is a custom handmade record player table we’re sure the designer could change the color if you ask him to. Overall storage on this piece is slightly small, but we like the simplicity of it. This is also one of the most expensive record player stands / tables from Etsy on our list, but with the addition of the drawer it’s definitely unique. The amount of vinyl records it can store is again unsure, however it’s still a great piece and worth checking out if you don’t mind paying above average prices for it and really love the design aspect of it.

Update it’s now available in black as well here.

Measurements / Size: 18″W x 15″D x 28″H


Ryerson Media Console

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

Okay, so let’s get real for a second hear, we wouldn’t really call this a record player media console and thus the reason we put it under the stands / tables section. If you like furniture from Urban Outfitters you’ll love this retro, old school, 60’s kind of vibe, rattan offering called the Ryerson Media Console. This furniture item is made out of a metal frame with wood used as the top level and the bottom level created from rattan. In essence it only has one top level, which can easily fit a turntable and maybe one or two additional items. The second level with its angled shape is mainly for storing records or even books. Vinyl records aren’t stored in the normal upright fashion, it’s more of a piling them onto each other at an angle. It is unique and maybe you’ve got a few rattan furniture items that would go great with it. You could easily create a vintage feel with this piece of furniture.

However there aren’t any variations available and for the price we’re not really sure if it’s worth it. Also, because of the design and structure used you might be limited on the amount of weight it can support. That means you probably can’t stack a ton of items on top. Yet on the other hand you probably won’t see many rattan record player stands lying around…

Measurements / Size: 25″l x 21.88″w 24.96

Simple Wooden Console

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

Urban Outfitters does a great job at keeping this console, or record player table as we’d like to call it , simple – hence the name “Simple Wooden Console”. It’s clean, a very neutral look, made from strong durable wood and offers a lot of space for your equipment. There aren’t any variations available as it comes standard in the natural light wood / brown color. We’re also not sure if it’s painted, however they do indicate that it has a “wipe clean” function which probably means the wood has been treated with some kind of varnish. In terms of record players it offers great space for vinyl records and bigger sized equipment.

As displayed in the first image, which we like the most, Urban Outfitters shows how the console has enough room for a record player on the top level with other ornaments. The bottom level also has plenty of room for storing records and even some space left for speakers. Depending on the size of your speakers you might even be able to display both of them on this furniture piece – that’s if you get creative. Overall it seems like a good option, especially in the lower price range.

Measurements / Size: 39.5″l x 13.3″w x 31″h


Rustic Metal Table

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

As a cheap, modern, minimalistic option we tend to like this Rustic Metal Table from Urban Outfitters a lot. Remember how we talked about the wired record player stand from Crosley? Some customers claimed it was wobbly and not sturdy enough. They had to assemble it themselves so we believe that leaves a lot of room for error. Reviewers on the Urban Outfitters website claimed this one to be sturdy! So all you vinyl lovers that are looking for a wired or metal item this might be just what you need. It comes standard in only one color which looks like a combination of copper and gold with 2 levels to store items.

As with most stands the top level is used for the turntable while the bottom level is great for storing vinyl records. The shelving is pretty cool as the metal sheet with small holes in it gives it a lot of definition and adds to the modern look. The only issue some buyers had is that some smaller sized records tend to fall out of the sides. It is however possible to stack them in such a way that they don’t fall out as shown in the image. It’s good value for money and does the job well.

Measurements / Size: 24″l x 13″w x 32″h

More similar metal offers from Urban Outfitter:

Turquoise record shelf

Factory side table


Record Player Stand and Record Storage

Source: Etsy.com

If all these weird design terms like vintage, modern and rustic confuse or bore you this stand is just what you need. This stand is handmade by an individual Etsy seller that discovered the vinyl market after trying to help a friend’s daughter with suitable vinyl record storage options. The design is really simple and straightforward. To be honest it looks like most normal furniture pieces you would find in big stores. However normal doesn’t mean that it’s bad or lacking in anyway. This stand is made out of walnut plywood, very sturdy and has a few very useful steel rods inserted on the bottom level for easy storage. The top level seems to have enough space for a standard turntable or any other music equipment. Besides that, for a custom made item, it’s relatively fairly priced and it seems that the seller is open for complete customs builds according to a review from a previous customer.

Measurements / Size: 16″x16″ and stands 19″ tall


Vinyl record cabinet stand with hairpin legs

Source: Etsy.com

The designers from Lumi Wood seem to love working with triangular shapes. It’s one part that makes this stand / cabinet combination unique and the fact that it’s made in Russia. Yes it’s not a mistake – Russia. There’s nothing wrong with Russia, we’re just stating the facts. That being said it looks like a cool item and again the hairpin legs give it a type of modern sleek minimalistic feel. It has three different areas to use including the angled area on the left which is perfect for storing records. The fact that this area is open means that you can easily sort through vinyl records.

The second area to the right is a bigger space that can be used for amplifiers or even more records. The top level is used for turntable and additional audio equipment. There aren’t any variations available although we would have liked to see it in a different color such as black or white. Just remember that the shipping costs will be relatively high on a furniture item that already seems priced slightly above its competitors. Price and shipping costs aside we actually like it and what’s also cool is that you can use the stand in different ways – with the angled area on the left or even on the right.

Measurements / Size: 29″ Long x 15″ Deep x 27″ Tall


Record player cabinets

Crosley ST75-CH Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet (Cherry, Paprika and Black)

The Crosley ST75-CH Entertainment Cabinet is a simple and functional offering from Crosley. It’s made out of wood veneer, has a nice cabinet with a glass door and comes available in three different color variations: Cherry, Paprika and black. This little cabinet is really fairly priced (around the $100 range) and has three levels of storage. The bottom level is advertised as displaying a few vinyl records while the second smaller section seems to be used as a CD storage area. This might sound functional, but we don’t think that vinyl collectors would even think of storing CD’s together with records or would they? If you wouldn’t, then maybe that area can be used to store other music equipment in, but it does seem very small.

The top area can be used to house record players or most turntables. Overall reviews for this product on Amazon were good, but keep in mind this item does require some work from your end with assembly. After reviewing so many handmade items from Etsy the design of this item does seem a bit bland, but it would probably be easy to match with other furniture items in a room and if you don’t have a lot of money to spend the Crosley ST75-CH Bardstown is a top contender.

Measurements / Size: 20 x 16 x 25 in


The Veep Stereo Turn table Cabinet-Credenza

We’re not sure how our readers would react when they see the price for the Veep Stereo Turntable Cabinet, but we’re so glad we got the chance to add this to the list. Furniture pieces like this do cost a lot of money and they are truly one of a kind. Even if you can’t afford one or don’t want to spend as much money on a cabinet it’s simply amazing to look at. The Veep Stereo turntable cabinet comes with a ton of features and almost looks like a Transformer (the movie) once you open everything up. It a Midcentury Modern design with sharp edges made up of symmetrical holes on both sides.

This specific design, as shown in the image, is made out of salvage maple wood and is available in other types of wood as one would expect for the price. It has 6 areas with the middle drawer built specifically to host records and side cabinets with enough space for an amplifier and other equipment. The top flip-open area is used to store the record player in a typical retro media console stereo cabinet style. Areas in the top right and left corners are built for storing speakers. Each drawer and cabinet opens with a slight push – something we thought was a great addition to this piece. It’s a super sleek designer furniture piece with a hefty price tag, but very functional and amazing to look at!

Measurements / Size: W18 x H36 x L54 inches


Record player media consoles

Vanessa Media Storage Console

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

Forget about bachelor bad and huge media stations for guy – girls this one is for you. Urban Outfitter did an amazing job with the Vanessa Media Record Console. It’s made out of beautiful mango wood with what only can be called a lot of detailed work on the cabinet door itself and on the lowest end of the console. The cabinet door not only opens up, but tucks neatly inside the media console which means you basically have two different looks to choose from. Stay classy, elegant and vintage with closed doors or open them up to show everyone your awesome vinyl collection. On top record players can be displayed whilst inside you have enough room for a lot of records and speakers. This however depends on the size of your music equipment and collection.

The bottom level seems to be designed for amplifiers or other electronic equipment as there is a cable whole at the back. One customer did however mention that the color of the wood he received was slightly darker than advertised, yet he and his wife were still fairly satisfied with their purchase. The price is on the medium to high end, however moving into this section of our guide you’ll see that that’s the norm for this kind of record player furniture. When it comes to attention to detail, elegance and awesome moving parts (sliding cabinet) this cabinet is a great choice.

Measurements / Size: 31.5″l x 16.75″w x 38.5″h


Draper Media Console

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

With the Draper Media Console vintage and pure retro is the name of the game. The idea of having a record player inside the cabinet that can be lifted up is a classic example of some old school vinyl furniture out of the 50’s or 60’s. Urban Outfitters calls it Mid Century Modern with a touch of vintage. It is a very uniquely designed piece of furniture made from a combination of materials including hardwood, MDF, wire and metal. The standard color is called chocolate, but the way equipment is displayed and stored is actually what we’d like to talk about. We’ve already talked about how you store your record player in it and how it has a one of a kind hinged door that lifts up, so let’s move on to the inside.

The item itself is very functional with four different areas inside to use. Underneath the record player is an area for records with the wire separation that we tend to like and find functional. With a simple slide of a door it opens up to a separate area (divided in two spaces) on the right side. Shelves also seem to be adjustable and inside the Draper Media Console there are multiple wholes for cables. It’s great value for money, especially the fact that you’re getting an awesome vintage / modern design furniture piece for under $300.

Measurements / Size: 38″w x 18″d x 32″h


Pemberly Row Media Console in Mahogany

Compared to the Draper Media Console we mentioned above the Pemberly Row Media Console seems very much the same with a few subtle differences. Materials used are solid hardwood, metal wire for the vinyl record slots together with nice dark mahogany finish. Although the creator of this furniture piece is called Pemberly Row, Crosley’s name is mentioned in the description so they might be a subsidiary of the company. As far as features goes: this record player media console has the capability of hiding away the turntable if you’re not using it. The sliding cabinet doors also can be very useful if you’re not a fan of displaying your collection and want a simpler sophisticated modern look. After all the design is described to as classic Mid Century Modern Design, but from our point of view we like to call it a retro piece.

The console itself stores the record player inside the cabinet on the top level (with a hinged door), while the bottom level is for storing vinyl records in the wired slots. The whole furniture piece only has one cable hole which might cause problems if you want to store more than one piece of music equipment such as speakers or amplifiers in it. For some reason the left side of the cabinet is also not showing so it’s uncertain how that space exactly can be utilized. They do indicate that shelving can be adjustable – which does leave room for customization. We tend to think that this piece is fairly price and although the features seem very much the same as the Draper from Urban Outfitters, the quality seem to be a bit higher – hence the increase in price. The mahogany finish is also a definite hit for us.

Update: We found this exact record player console model on Amazon just with a different name – Crosley Everett Media Console, Mahogany. This product page provided a bit more information so overall customers were happy with this item from Crosley. As always there were some negative feedback, mostly regarding assembly or wrong items being shipped which is part of the process of ordering disassembled furniture online unfortunately. Keep in mind one customer claimed to have spent nearly 40 minutes assembling it, but is depends largely on your experience in assembling furniture. Either way, we still like it…

Measurements / Size: 18 x 34.2 x 44 inches


Simpli Home Draper Mid Century Low TV Media Stand, Auburn Brown

The designers from Simpli Home offer a range of quality furniture with a modern design style and classic tapered legs which typifies the 1950’s / 60’s retro era. The only problem is that this piece is not really designed specifically for turntables or for vinyl lovers. Why did we add it to our list then? We’ll it’s an awesome item and reviews really are above average. From past furniture item reviews we know that people tend to speak their mind on Amazon reviews so it has to be a great product if most reviews are rated 4-5 out of 5 stars. It’s made out of solid rubber wood and has an Auburn brown – dark wood type of finish. It’s a really sturdy piece of furniture and lengthy compared to previous offerings. Besides the awesome design and quality we think that the price is a big part of the reason for its popularity.

For under $400 you can get this piece – which is fairly priced. It also comes in two variants called “medium” and “tall”. In each variant the price and height of the design slightly increases. The door and cabinet arrangement also differs between variants with a variation of sliding or normal hinged cabinet doors being used. Frankly each variant has multiple holes for cables at the back, room for a standard sized record player and although it might not seem so at first, room for your vinyl collection. Shelves have adjustable height so you can play around with it or maybe not even use them? One couple actually noted that they use it to store vinyl, so it is possible. The amount of vinyl that can be stored remains unknown. Just keep in mind that the furniture color might look slightly different than you ordered it as it’s hard to keep the color of each specific furniture piece exactly the same as on the product image.

We love the idea of sliding doors – its feel so retro and for that reason the “Tall” variation is our favorite option for this media console. Even though it’s not build with turntables specifically in mind, it’s a great contender in the record player media console category.

Measurements / Size: 60 x 18 x 26 inches


WoodLove Retro Record Player Console

Wood Love Furniture makes beautiful pieces of furniture as you can see from the image above. Unfortunately the seller does not provide as much information on the product page as we hoped. They don’t talk about types of materials used, storage space of even the size of the console itself. None the less it looks beautiful and is definitely worth looking into if you’re interested in purchasing it. It’s a relative large piece of furniture with the top left area being used to display a record play in the standard flip-open top fashion. Underneath are many different levels for amplifiers, records and other equipment covered by two sliding doors. It really looks retro and vintage; even the image itself looks like something from the 60’s.

Take a look at the bigger version of the console from Wood Love Furniture with even more storage space.


Wooden Media Console

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

This Wooden Media Console from Urban Outfitters is the epitome of a modern simplistic minimalistic design and best of all its build specifically for turntable lovers.  Build from Mango wood it has a light brown color that almost seems like something that’s been white washed. We truly love the definition and detail this type of wood offers. As many other consoles we’ve reviewed before it has a hinged door that opens up for easy record player access stored on the top level of the cabinet. The bottom left level has traditional wired racks that are great for storing records. It seems to be able to store at least 50 records. Two holes at the back of top levels give access for cables from audio equipment. What’s unique about this item is the fact that it only has one sliding door. This means that one side of the furniture piece will always be open. Whether you see that as a limitation or as something unique is really up to you.

We love the wood and the look it provides, but the price might be slightly above average ($400 – $600 range). While writing this review the console is actually on a sale ($400 – $500 range) which definitely makes it more affordable and an easier decision when it comes to buying or not. One thing to keep in mind is the size of your record player and other audio equipment you want to store inside. One reviewer noted that he had trouble fitting his equipment inside the cabinet. So if you’re interested in getting this item please make sure you’re turntable, amplifier and whatever you want to put inside will fit. Also try and keep some additional space at the back for connecting wires, but in all honesty you should conduct your due diligence in terms of equipment size and furniture dimensions before buying.

Measurements / Size: 39.5″l x 16.5″w x 29.25″h


Hamilton Wood Media Console

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

The Hamilton Wood Media Console is the most expensive item we’ve had on the list thus far ($600 – $700 range). It’s a very long modern piece that can and probably should be the ultimate record player media console for a serious collector. It’s a very simple clean open / closed design with limited sliding doors and different shades or light and darker brown wood. Instead of using door handles each sliding door has a big hole in it which enables the user to easily slide doors from side to side. The bottom level is great for storing vinyl and is 13” in height. Frankly you can really store a lot of records here (as shown in the image) and each level has storage areas that are separated by additional pieces of wood. Again if you’re not a fan of the open concept, meaning that the sliding doors don’t cover all the inside areas, this might not be for you although it does have a certain charm to it. You could easily fit multiple audio equipment in the second level and and your record player on the top level.

Urban Outfitter arranged it in a great way in the product image while even displaying some speakers on the top. If your speakers are small enough you could even store them on in the bottom level beside your vinyl records. Like we said the price might be an issue for some, but yet again you probably shouldn’t be looking at this media console if you only have a handful of records and especially if you don’t have the space seeing as its 60 inches wide. It’s also a relatively heavy item so be sure to get someone to help you when setting it up. Big time collectors looking for a modern simplistic centerpiece without any additional furniture will really appreciate this one.

Measurements / Size: 60″w x 16″d x 29.5″h


Callum Media Stand

Source: urbanoutfitters.com

The Callum Media Stand isn’t our favorite offering from Urban Outfitters, but again they have the ability to offer something unique – something that isn’t found anywhere else on the market. The frame itself almost looks something similar to the Simple Wooden Console that we reviewed earlier on – well sort off. It’s a really simple record player furniture piece with clean lines and a combination between natural light wood and white sliding cabinets. Materials used are Rubber wood, MDF and poplar veneer which seems to make it very sturdy and durable. The top level is designated for record players and turntables however we don’t see any cable holes so you might have a few unnecessary cables hanging around. It’s not the end of the world, but it could be a deal breaker if you’re trying to get a clean minimalistic look.

The middle area is a sort of go between both the top and bottom level and does not have a supporting back, however additional equipment or even speakers (probably if put sideways) can be stored there. The bottom sliding doors we do however like and can make for a great vinyl record storage for an above average size collection. We’re not sure if it’s worth the price ($400 – $500 range), however the fact that is has three levels and does not take up as much space might be a benefit worth paying for. It is also a one of a kind design.

Measurements / Size: 40″w x 14.5″d x 42.75″h


Final words

Considering the fact that there are so many record player stands, tables, cabinets and media consoles available on the market this list surely will help you make a decision. We know and understand the every vinyl collector’s budget differs – that’s why we added a big variation of items from $100 – $700+. Please remember to check dimensions of furniture and the equipment you own before purchasing to save yourself any future hassles. If you decide to buy an item that needs to be assembled and don’t have any experience in that area be sure to ask a friend who has to help you. Last thing you want is to damage it.