Creating music and beats on tables

I used to have this weird thing that I did that irritated my mother to hell. What I would do while sitting at a table is play out beats with my fingers by hitting them on the surface. It sounds harmless enough, but I can understand why it would irritate something.

music tables

If you like drum beats or even creating your own music, I think you’ll like the videos we’re going to show you in this post. These guys have created beautiful music by turning a simple and slightly irritating fidgeting habit into an art form.


The Ultimate Table Music: Pen Beats

I’ve always liked to create beats myself and trying to push my table beat creating abilities to the limit was a regular thing. These guys from the YouTube channel “Shane Bang” makes me look like a complete amateur. In this video they’ve taken every day office items such as a pen, ruler and a table to create fast and choreographed beats. I don’t know how to describe it any better. It’s best you watch the video yourself.


Video art: Table music

Similar to Pen Beats this video was created more from an artistic perspective. Still it is great to watch and there obviously went a lot of skill and planning into the creation of it.



I’ve never seen anything like this, yet the video is from 2009. This is however the coolest musical piece of technology I’ve ever seen in my life. I have no idea how it works exactly and I’m not going to try to understand it either. You can find more details at The Reactable table is a music device used in museums and exibitions as well as by artists. This interactive table allows artists to create one of a kind musical experiences by placing different sound blocks on the surface of the device.

Each block represents a specific sound or beat and multiple sounds exist when turning each block over. When it is placed on the table the sound is added to the mix and a unique song is created. It looks like an amazing experience, one I we wouldn’t mind testing out ourselves.

In this video the DJ does a live demonstration on the Reactable table. See it for yourself below:

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