Custom made record Ikea Stools

Basically everyone knows IKEA and the products they sell. It is even more apparent since this post comes from a guide created by a user in Europe. Initially we thought that we’d stay away from anything record player and vinyl themed that IKEA produces since some members of the Reddit Vinyl community expressed their utter hatred toward their furniture, but this is such a great DIY project. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell our readers about it.

Judging from the image we’ve added above you probably know that it’s about creating a custom vinyl record themed stool – no stands and big furniture pieces this time. Similar to our previous post about cupcake stands made from vinyl records, this is an ingenious idea. To top it all off it seems that this might even cost less than previous DIY projects we’ve mentioned.

We smell a business opportunity… Funny enough our searching for record player bar stools came up empty on Etsy so there might just be a gap in the market.

Either way the concept for this vinyl creation is super simple. Let’s explain:

For this you need a few DIY tools, stools from Ikea, vinyl records and some glue. Here’s a picture of the stool from Ikea that was used in this project.

ikea vinyl project


It’s hard to believe, but this particular chair only cost about $5 online. Now that being said it’s probably not the world’s best chair, but it makes for a great customer record player themed project. If you have multiple old records lying around you can easily make multiple chairs for less than $50. We’re getting ahead of ourselves again.

When it comes to using the vinyl records on the top they are attached to the IKEA stool with screws. What the designer did to strengthen it is to layer multiple records on top of each other as one would imagine to one record won’t be sturdy enough. A local thrift shop or Goodwill shop just might have a few old records lying around that you can pick of for dirt cheap prices.

The designer then assembles it and poof you’ve got custom made record player themed furniture to add to a bar area or any room for that matter.

Even though the designer used a white stool in the instruction manual we would prefer the black option that’s available. If you’re willing to spend a bit more money and put more effort in you could opt in for the wooden version from IKEA called the “Frosta”. This will enable you to use many different colors with a splash of wooden paint.

Credit goes to the user called “Leners” from for this awesome vinyl stool idea. You can find all the steps in detail over here:

The Ikea stool we mentioned that’s available in black is called the “Marius” and can be found at this link:

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