Vinyl setups from the Reddit community

Recently we discovered the Reddit Vinyl community. We saw a ton of traffic coming from Reddit and then realized a post on the Vinyl subreddit was going viral. Although on a small scale it resulted in our page about record player table stands getting over 400 visitors in one day.

If you haven’t already subscribed to the Vinyl subreddit do yourself a favor and join here:

It’s like heaven for anyone interested in Vinyl records, record players, stands, cabinet – you name it…

Vinyl Reddit enables users to “upvote” and comment on posts made by other users. The higher a post on the screen the more popular it is. Posts with high upvotes tend to be on top like this post about a guy’s record player stand and set up he built himself.

Here’s the image on

As long as we’re posting our setups, here is mine!

We thought that it was worth blogging about seeing as the post titled “As long as we’re posting our setups, here is mine!” got over 900 upvotes and counting. This particular record player setup is a great option for someone that doesn’t want to settle for mainstream furniture pieces from Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Etsy and Ikea. Especially Ikea, people on the Vinyl Reddit community seem to hate their bland designs. Duly noted, no posts about Ikea furniture in the future…

The design is simple, industrial and functional. He used metal piping together with wood to create five different levels of storage and wood separators to store and sort through vinyl records on the stand in a much more efficient way.

Even though this was a DIY stand project, as we’ve noticed from researching many different furniture pieces, it does not always mean a lower cost. The original poster commented saying that he estimates the cost being between $200 and $250 Canadian dollar for the metal pipes with the wood costing just under $50. In total the estimated cost was about $230 US which seems fair seeing as those metal pipes tend to cost a lot.

Keep in mind that the poster also probably had to assemble all the materials himself and spend money on additional nuts, bolts and tools if he didn’t have any. To hide cables he used a cheap $7 cable management kit which helps keep everything clean on the back end of the console.

Here’s what we think about his vinyl setup:

What we like about this set up

  • It has tons of space and can be your ultimate record player media console – meaning the only piece of furniture you need for display and storage.
  • It’s a simple design, but provides a lot of functionality and looks great.
  • It gives the user easy access to records and players without having to bend over or be on your knees.
  • For the amount of vinyl storage it offers, it’s a relatively inexpensive piece.

What we didn’t like

  • It’s a DIY project. Before you stop reading – we actually like DIY. The only problem is when writing a piece like this you have to look at it from all angles and not everyone has the skill or even like to build stuff on their own. This piece would also require a specific level of woodworking skills and expertise to complete.
  • It’s a long term record player stand. If you look closely you’ll actually see the stand being bolted to the floor at the bottom and to the wall at the top. Sure this makes it a very strong piece of furniture, but what about when you want to move or rearrange the room? It gives you a little less flexibility than everyday record player furniture.
  • Short people won’t appreciate it. The vinyl records tend to be stored relatively high and if you’re not the world’s tallest person you might have problem reaching them. This could make listening to records more of an effort than a simple enjoyment.

We’re simply listing the facts here, but it’s still a great piece of furniture that would make almost any record collection look amazing!