Post Modern Jukebox – Creep, All About That Base & More

For today’s artist discovery post the musical group Post Modern Jukebox or PMJ for short will be the topic of discussion. This group was originally started in 2011 by pianist Scott Bradlee and plays a combination of Jazz, Swing and Vintage music. They originated in New York and gained major popularity by doing covers of popular modern day songs in their own vintage style.

Post modern jukebox creep & all about that base post

PMJ has gained a huge social media following on many different platforms including YouTube and Facebook. They are well known for their casual and regular YouTube recordings that are often published on a weekly basis. This has gained them over 2.5 million followers on YouTube and over 1 million fans on Facebook.

Unlike previous artists we’ve discovered online, PMJ is much more popular. Yet, it’s probably one of our best artist discoveries yet. We believe this music group will fit right in with our readership here at Premier Records. Most songs they record consist of a vocalist, pianist, multiple trumpet players, bass violinist and often drums. Not only do they sound vintage, but they act with style and class. It’s also great to watch.

I’ve always liked this vintage type of music since it’s so amazing to listen to and has a certain kind of class that isn’t easily mimicked by modern music genres.


Post Modern Jukebox Creep

The PMJ Creep song was the first title we discovered by them. PMJ has done many titles, probably too many to mention. However, Creep, which is originally a track from Radio Head, is one of the most popular songs they’ve recorded. This track was recorded with their normal instrumental setup, but with the beautiful Haley Reinhart on vocals.

Here is the song titled “Creep” with Haley Reinhart taking lead. What an awesome track!


Cristina Gatti & PMJ

Cristina Gatti has gained individual popularity with the group. According to the group’s Wikipedia biography, Cristina Gatti has recorded multiple songs with PMJ. She has done covers from Beyonce (Drunk In Love), Ellie Goulding (Burn) and Sam Smith (Stay with me).

Here is one of the songs from PMJ featuring Cristina Gatti called “Drunk in love”. This particular video has gotten over 5 million views on YouTube till date.


Post Modern Jukebox All About The Base

Another trending track from PMJ is their cover of “All about the base” from Meghan Trainor. For this vintage adaption, the group used a variety of musicians featuring Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart, Morgan James, and Ariana Savalas. Till date, this video has received an amazing 25 million views on YouTube!

For all the list of songs performed by PMJ visit their Wikipedia Biography page here.


PMJ Website

Besides offering and showcasing all their tracks, the Post Modern Jukebox website offers an online piano course and awesome custom merchandise on their online store. From vinyl inspired clothing to old-fashioned posters, they’ve got all kinds of vintage items for you to enjoy.