Taking a closer look at Vinyl Me Please

Recently we discovered a website called Vinyl Me Please. Technically this website is one of our competitors, especially in terms of the guides we’ve written and plan on writing in the future. However Vinyl Me Please is an awesome website – really awesome. We wouldn’t be doing our visitors any justice by not mentioning them. In this post we’re going to take a closer look at this website and do a quick review.

vinyl me please

Vinyl Me Please has a lot going on: they’ve got a magazine column, a monthly record club and an online shop. Each one of those things are great and I have no doubt they have a large membership and reader base every month. What first drew my attention was their Magazine column.


The Vinyl Me Please Magazine Column

Talk about creating stylish, useful and interesting articles all based on vinyl records! These guys make it look so easy. If you only knew the amount of work and time that goes into creating blog posts for our website…

They’ve got one of a kind original articles about artists, LP’s, music history and things you simply can’t find anywhere else – all of which are expertly researched and written. Take this article for example: “The Unbelievable True Story Of The 21-Year-Old White Guitar Player Who “Re-Taught Son House To Play Like Son House”. People love reading stories like this and we do to.

On the other hand they’ve got articles based on record players and accessories with angles that normally aren’t talked about. In one article they talk about how it is to upgrade from an all-in-one turntable set up or even to take it to the next level with a $1000 turntable. Hopefully we don’t lose all our readers by referring these guys, but we can’t help acknowledging the skill and expertise involved.


The Monthly Record Club

This is a concept that has gained major popularity across the internet. We also know of a few other websites offering similar services. If Vinyl Me Please were the first ones to start this service is unknown, however it’s a great concept. For a specific monthly fee you get access to member only deals on their online store and off course one of a kind LP and original art prints delivered straight to your door.

The longer the membership you book the more affordable it gets and the more value for your money. In terms of cost it’s currently uncertain how the match up against competitors, but feel free to take a look at membership fees here.

Currently their LP record of the month is one from Gorillaz. Gorillaz is definitely not our favorite choice of music, however we’ve seen their records trending on vinyl online often. The Vinyl Me Please online store is full of one of a kind goodies that will get any vinyl junkie’s heart pumping. From custom merchandise to exclusive LP’s – they’ve got it all…

For a first hand experience on their monthly club watch this review video below:

This is a great resource for anyone who is serious about collecting records. You can check out the Vinyl Me Please website here: www.vinylmeplease.com.

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