How to build a record crate

Record player and vinyl storage setups tend to differ a lot. Not every vinyl collector has the same amount of records and equipment, so it’s safe to say each situation needs a custom solution. Maybe you’ve already bought a big furniture piece to store your whole collection in, but it’s bursting at the seams, and you need more space for records.

Or you’re just starting out with a small set up and just want a simple solution for storing some vinyl. This was the case with this DIY project on The creator’s girlfriend was busy expanding her collection and needed storage for additional vinyl. He ended up making her a simple wooden crate.

These crates are really easy to come by.  We’ve even reviewed some of them on Amazon on our vinyl record storage guide. They are a trendy way of storing records and cheap to buy. You can store a lot of records in these crates, and they can be customized since it’s made out of wood. See these vinyl record storage crates here.

Here’s the guide from

It does require some time and work to create this crate. However, it makes for a great storage unit or a present for someone that loves records. Be sure to follow the steps lined out in the guide and in no time you can have your very own vinyl record crate.

If you’re looking for an item that has a bit more character and isn’t just a simple crate we’ve found a DIY video from Craft Shop which shows you how to build one like shown below:

The difference between this crate and the one from are as follows:

The second design is lifted up from the ground making it easier to access. As demonstrated in the video the storage space it provides for LP’s is slightly less than the first crate mentioned. The crate from Craft Shop also does not have a bottom which means that records will have to rest on support beams underneath. This is not a big deal; it’s just a different way of designing it. With the first crate, there’s a bottom, and we think it can easier be carried around.

Both designs look cool and serve their purpose.

Which vinyl crate do you prefer?