90’s Kid’s Dream: Portable Cassette Turntables

I can’t help thinking that every day we’re moving so close to the future and inventions that will change our lives forever. This little turntable invention I’ll show you in a second is no different. Actually, it’s ingenious!

With so many developments taking place in and around the record player industry we believe we will be seeing many more inventions like this in the near future. After all, projections for the turntable market are set to skyrocket as it just keeps on growing at an almost alarming rate. It’s definitely not exclusive to own a record player anymore with so many affordable options on the market.

elbow cassette player
Source: psfk.com

If you were accustomed to listening to tapes a few decades ago, the Elbow turntable or cassette player might be just what you need. I remember clearly how I used to listen to cassettes. My friend used to be highly dedicated to his music and an avid guitar player. He used to tape a lot of songs directly from the radio onto his cassette. If I dig deep enough I might even be able to find my old cassette player.

However, the times are changing and old things are once more being reinvented. Old movies get recreated, old fashion items become vintage and are worn again so why not create a modern-day cassette turntable and revive the music industry altogether?

I’m sure these were all questions going through the heads of the creators of the Elbow cassette turntable. As the news article indicates, and we’re sure you can agree with, cassettes never really achieved the same level of cult following as vinyl did. Many have fond memories of using them, but you don’t see cassette sales reaching millions or even billions of dollars like vinyl.

From what I could gather this cassette record player functioning device is not available on the market yet, but is still in concept stage. Yet it’s such an awesome design and idea that I believe it’s going to be a huge success. If priced right, these guys will be making quite a few dollars when it’s officially launched.

It’s a super compact electronic device that you connect to your tape or cassette. It does not seem to be heavy and might even be smaller than your run of the mill 90’s cassette player and possible to take almost anywhere. Even though the technical aspect feels a bit too complicated for me to try and explain it has a lot of cool additional features that anyone will understand.

These include a connection for your earphones and a USB port that you can use to transfer music from your tapes onto your computer. That’s amazing! It even has a pin that allows you to attach it to your clothing to make some kind of fashion accessory out of it.

Here’s a video featuring the cassette turntable concept:

Hopefully, these guys launch this product soon since the video is over a year old!

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