Electronic Artist: About_Blank

As far as weird names for online musical artists go About_Blank definitely is one of a kind. He is the topic of our latest artist discovery blog post. Since the previous post focused on hip hop and rap, but had a slight electronic undertone, I decided to follow down a similar path this week.

The artist known as About_Blank

About_Blank is a typical internet underground artist that is most likely only known online, and from what we can tell, has not yet released an physical album. He has very little Facebook fans and also not his own website. He currently has 650 followers on Sound Cloud which seems to be his main online profile and 59 tracks. So why did we add him then? We don’t just add big artists. The whole idea behind the artist discovery post is to listen to new music and help promote artists.

Music from About_Blank

Here’s a track that I tend to like which is called “Puppet Talk”. It’s a very chilled electronic track. It seems perfect for a lazy afternoon when you want so background music or even are busy getting ready to hit the streets before going out.

On About_Blank’s YouTube channel he goes by the name MB7 – which is weird… Here’s a track from him called “Zealot”.

Overall I’m a fan of the electronic / ambient / house music genre which About_Blank matches perfectly. I believe he could become a very popular artist if he gets the break he needs. Are you a fan of electronic music? Even though Premier Records focus mostly on vinyl record based content we do like to discover new artists ever now and then.

Contact us here if you have an suggestions about which artists to feature next.

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