17+ Of The Best Record Player Stands, Cabinets, Consoles & Turntable Furniture For 2018

If you are a seasoned collector or just getting started, chances are you need a piece of furniture to display your collection and equipment. The best solution is getting your hands on a functional record player stand, table, cabinet, or media console.

record player stand vintageWhen it comes to choosing the best turntable stand there’s a lot to consider. You’ve spent countless hours collecting records, not to mention the cost.

You want to give your records the recognition they deserve and protect them at the same time. Not to mention have the best music experience possible.

Keep in mind the different types, styles, dimensions, materials used as well as functionality and price. Here with our ultimate buyer’s guide, we’ll provide you with a list of some the best record player stands for 2018. There are over 17 items on the list so you’re sure to find something!

Our 14 Best Turntable & Record Player Stands Collection

Here’s a list of 14 of the best items from this guide that we’ve generated based on our market research and data from Premier Records.

Record player stands and tables

Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand

The Crosley Manchester Entertainment Center Stand is a great entry level vinyl record player stand for someone on a tight budget. It has a simple design, yet modern retro feel to it.  Primarily made out of wood and some wire, it’s only available in one color (Paprika) which is a combination of brown and red.

This small table comes standard with two levels: The bottom level is for vinyl storage (averaging 50 vinyl records) and includes wired slots to prevent records from falling out of the sides. The wired slots are a great addition as many competing products don’t have that feature. The top level is a simple table top which is perfect for displaying a turntable.

The Manchester Entertainment stand comes disassembled, but Crosley assures buyers that assembly is quick and easy. Reviews on Amazon for the product has been good overall, however, some say the table can be a bit wobbly. Keep in mind: this can simply be because buyers did not assemble it correctly.

That being said, this item from Crosley compares nicely to other affordable record player table stands, is good value for money and can easily fit into almost any room design.

Measurements / Size: 25 x 13.8 x 18.2 inches


Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Tower

The Nexera Audio Tower Turntable table is an affordable multipurpose audio equipment item. Initially, we had our doubts about using this as a record player stand. After taking a closer look at the reviews on Amazon we had a change of heart.

Some have said that this item might even be near perfect. We find that hard to believe that it’s the best furniture item out there. Yet it comes to show that everyone has their own set of specification and needs when buying accessories for a vinyl collection.

The Nexera Turntable stand comes in 4 different color variations: American Beech, Biscotti and Black, Moka And Black, and Truffle. The one in the image to your right is the “Truffle” variation. What we do like about this item is that it’s made by quality manufacturers in Canada and from particle board and MDF. It provides a good amount of storage space and since the shelves are adjustable you can slightly tweak it to fit your specific needs.

Be cautious of the amount of weight you add to this item. It’s not the strongest in the world. Yet for its functionality, easy access cable holes at the back, multiple shelves, variations and low price it’s a great contender in the lower end of the market.

Measurements / Size: 19.8 x 19.8 x 32.5 inches


Design 59 Inc Mid-Century Hardwood Stand

Affordable, classy and compact. This is how we would describe this piece from Design 59 Inc. Let’s face it: not everyone looking for products on our website wants something costing hundreds of dollars. Some might just be looking for something small.

Not only is the record stand small, but it’s created in a Mid-Century Modern layout with beautiful solid Acacia wood. It is also very affordable.

You can display records in the open storage area in the middle and place your turntable on top. This piece has lots of character and isn’t just your standard run of the mill affordable furniture piece.

Measurements / Size:  18 x 18 x 22 inches


Winsome Multipurpose Wooden Shelf

The Winsome Shelf is the simplest and least unique item we have on this list. However, don’t let that affect you negatively. Would you believe me when I say that at the time of writing this piece of furniture has almost too many reviews on Amazon to count?

If you’re someone who bases their buying decisions on a number of positive reviews an item gets, this will be a clear winner for you. It has two shelving options and three levels for storing audio equipment. The standard color is called “Espresso” and there aren’t any variations available.

Traditionally the Winsome is not build with audiophiles in mind. However, some said that they were able to display his turntable, amplifier and a few vinyl record on it, which is actually obvious looking at it. It’s a great value-for-money piece and yet another great option in the lower end of the record player stand market.

Measurements / Size: 11.2 x 13.5 x 29.2 inches


Darla’s Studio 66 Vintage Turntable Stand

This furniture piece is a relatively new item from Darla’s Studio and is one of the most affordable handmade items on our list. Already we like this item since the seller actually made the effort of taking product images with audio equipment on it so that you can know it was made for vinyl junkies.

This stand follows a very simple concept and almost looks like two crates added on top of each other to make a storage unit. The wood is coated with a medium stain and can display about 60 vinyl (120 in total).

We added it to the list since it’s an affordable option, is handmade and has a significant storage capacity. Furniture made from crates are also very trendy at the moment. This Darla’s Studio piece is another great vintage record player stand, good for a small to a medium collector. You can now get this in a dark brown/black as well over here.

Measurements / Size: 27 x 20 x 15 inches


Crosley Brooklyn Turntable Stand

This is one of Crosley’s latest products within the record furniture market, and we have to say it looks awesome!

They’ve created it with the focus on displaying component-style music technology. It’s a fusion of metal and wood (pine) materials to create something unique. Facing the front, you can see the black Crosley logo that matches the black metal legs and frame.

You can also find a small area underneath the unit for a speaker (you might need to zoom in to see it). Besides the obvious audio equipment storage, there’s a space especially for vinyl at the back of the item.

Measurements / Size:  31 x 27 x 10 inches


Line Phono Turntable Station

The Lino Phono Turntable Station is a very unique and simplistic modern piece of furniture. The designers of this functional piece of furniture have experience in selling over 20 000 items in and around the vinyl scene. They describe this item as being the brainchild of “Turntable Experts” & “World Class Architects”.

The creators claimed to have sold over 1000 units (taken from their website) of this simple, functional, versatile, quality, sturdy and relatively easy assembled turntable stand station. It has four different levels with the top two levels being allocated to your amplifier, turntable and are designed to fit most record player furniture items.

The bottom two levels are mostly for storing vinyl records while each one having a capacity of hosting approximately 100 records (200 in total). 
The wood or materials used are called MDF (speckling and color variation based look) and does not need to be painted.

The creators specifically wanted to give it a unique “Matt” look so that all the textures of materials can be seen and that they can differentiate themselves from other bland furniture designs on the market.

The Line Phone comes available in two different colors: carbon (charcoal black) and Birch (light brown). The height of shelves can be adjusted; has a hook for headphones and multiple cable holes to easily manage cables.

This record player stand has a great way of storing a big amount of records and equipment without taking up a lot of space in the room. Overall, reviews for this stand have been great and on their website, Line Phono states that more than 1000 units have been sold. The numbers speak for themselves and who knows how many have been sold on Amazon? It’s a great option for a serious vinyl collector.

Measurements / Size: 21.6 x 17.5 x 39.5 inches

Here’s a video about Line Phono Turntable Station explaining the product features in detail:


RMP Industrial Unit

It’s not every day when you see a record player table stand made completely from metal. Although it’s not a design collectors might be familiar with, it’s a sturdy, durable and if used correctly elegant option.

The manufacturers call it a rugged industrial design unit. It comes with two shelves and is created as a side table for a bedroom. Yet, we see no reason why you can’t use it for your record collection.

Vinyl goes at the bottom and your turntable on the top level. The product is manufactured in the United States and comes in a range of awesome colors. The colors include blue, black, orange, clear coat and light gray. We’ve added a few of the variations for you below.

Measurements / Size:  16 x 22 x 25 inches





Handmade Vinyl Record Player Table Stand – Wicker Wood Works

What’s cooler than having some amazing display item for your turntable and audio equipment? The answer: having a custom colored, handmade record player table! If you have a bit more money to spend and love a vintage looking handmade furniture, this piece from Wicker Wood Works is perfect for you!

This United States company builds sturdy handmade custom furniture from quality materials. With this stand, you can choose from 5 different wood finishes including vintage blue, dark walnut, red mahogany, ebony and gold oak. The record table stand has three levels with the bottom being allocated mostly to vinyl records and the 2nd and 3rd levels a combination of space for records and audio equipment.

In the product images it is not shown to host a turntable, like the previous record player stand and storage options, however, it does seem able to fit most devices. It can also host up to 175 records, which is good compared to other furniture in this price range. Be sure to contact the seller for custom orders (different size, design or layout) if needed.

Overall we like the uniqueness this vintage handmade table provides. This furniture item is not an entry-level unit so be prepared to pay more. However, it does offer great functionality, a lot of storage space for records and equipment and many design options which truly makes it one of a kind!

Measurements / Size: 28.5 x14.5 x24 inches


DK Vinyl Displays Custom Record Player Stand

If you want to have something that is fully customizable and made especially for you, this stand from DK Vinyl Displays is what you need. The designer and manufacturer of this piece work directly with you to create a piece with the color scheme and paint you desire, that will last a lifetime.

The product itself is very “green” and environment-friendly since materials used, are high quality recycled commercial grade MDF. As for design, you’ll notice it’s unique with its triangular shaped frame and legs. It consists of two levels with the bottom level build for specifically for displaying records. It even has small handcrafted side panels to prevent them from falling out and can store up to 400 records, which is pretty amazing. Not many pieces have that functionality.

The top level is made for displaying turntables and as the seller indicates is built to fit most turntables in the market. It can also be used as additional storage space for records if you’re one of the lucky few to have such a big collection. The design looks very smooth, modern and we believe this will be a great hit with customers!

Measurements / Size: 20 x 41 x 34 inches

DK Vinyl Displays makes a lot of great furniture items for the record industry so be sure to visit their storefront on Amazon by clicking here for more amazing custom furniture.


Record player cabinets

Crosley ST75-CH Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

The Crosley ST75-CH Entertainment Cabinet is a straightforward and functional product from Crosley. It’s made out of wood veneer, has a beautiful glass cabinet door and is available in three colors: Cherry, Paprika and Black. This little cabinet is priced very reasonably, making it a good contender for lower price range items.

It comes standard with three levels of storage. The bottom level is for displaying vinyl records while the top smaller section is generally used for CD storage.

This might sound functional, but we can’t imagine vinyl collectors even considering of storing CD’s together with records. Or would they? If you wouldn’t, then maybe that area can be used to store other music equipment. Be sure to check dimensions before doing so though…

The top area, as with a normal record player cabinet, can be used to display a turntable. Overall reviews for this product on Amazon were good, but keep in mind this item does require assembly. The design does seem a bit bland, yet it would probably be easy to match with other furniture items in a room. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and a small collection you should definitely take the Crosley Bardstown into consideration.

Also, see other color variations below.

Measurements / Size: 20 x 16 x 25 inches


Crosley Everett Record Player Cabinet

The Crosley Everett single record player cabinet stand combination is a beautiful Mid Century Modern furniture item. We tend to think of it as a retro/vintage piece.

The Crosley cabinet can hold just under 75 albums and has slots for wires at the back. This cabinet is a true quality piece of art. We like the fact that you can neatly tuck all your records away from the cabinet door and place your turntable on top. Crosley also used genuine metal for items like the door handle to further increase its value.

It’s small, compact, looks amazing, but unfortunately does not come cheap. If you’re willing to buy a record player furniture item in this price range you could consider the Line Phono which offers a lot more functionality, storage and value, but might lack in the design department.

Yet, if you like designer items and have a few hundred dollars to spend this one from Crosley is worth taking into account.

Measurements / Size: 20.8 x 16 x 33.5 inches


I Love Living Clifford Retro Cabinet

This particular unit from “I Love Living” reminds me of products we added to the guide from Urban Outfitters a few months ago. Needless to say, those products have been removed to make room for better items.

However, as part of our list revamp the “Clifford” retro unit found its place within the record cabinet section. The reason: we believe it’s moderately priced, offers a lot of bang for your buck and looks amazing.

It’s a mid-century modern item and what we like to call a dual purpose furniture piece. It’s not only meant for a music collector but also has room for everyday items such as books and ornaments. There is space for your collection in the sliding door area, the level above for vinyl and the top for a turntable and more items. The product is also manufactured with birch veneer (brown), and the metal legs are made to be scratch resistant.

Measurements / Size:  44 x 34 x 16 inches


Nexera Pinnacle Audio Tower Cabinet

The Nexera 1-door audio tower is not a vintage record player cabinet, but a stylish piece of furniture that comes standard in a cherry and black finish. It’s a great contender in the cabinet section of this list and also falls in a similar price range as the Crosley ST75-CH Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet.

You might need to get a bit creative and remove one of the shelves to fit your vinyl collection. However, we think it would look awesome with a turntable on the cherry top and albums inside the cabinet. As with previous Nexera products, it’s made in Canada from MDF and particle board which tends to be high-quality products.

It’s part of a bigger furniture collection from Nexera which makes finding additional matching items really easy. Overall it’s a small, compact, sleek and affordable furniture piece. Be sure to double check dimensions of equipment before purchasing.

Measurements / Size: 21.4 x 21.8 x 32.4 inches


Record player consoles

Pemberly Row Mahogany Media Console

The Pemberly Row Media Console is a beautiful piece of furniture with a touch a retro class and Mid-Century Modern design. Besides the excellent design, it has great features to back it up. Materials used include a solid hardwood, metal wire for vinyl record slots together covered in a rich dark mahogany finish.

This almost vintage record player console has the capability of neatly tucking away your turntable and audio equipment.  The sliding cabinet doors are perfect if you’re not a fan of displaying your collection out in the open and want a simple sophisticated modern look. The turntable console itself stores the record player inside the cabinet on the top level and opens up with an easy to use a hinged door. The bottom level has wired slots for storing vinyl records.

One potential issue we see is the fact this furniture piece only has one cable hole at the back. This might cause problems if you want to store more than one piece of music equipment such as speakers or amplifiers in it. Depending on the location of your cables, length etc. this might not be such a big problem or easily solved.

Shelving is adjustable, leaving room for customization – always a benefit from our
point of view. After further research, We found this exact record player console table model on Amazon just with a different name, the Crosley Everett Media Console. This particular product page provided a bit more information so we can report that overall customers seemed to be happy with this item.

As always there was some negative feedback, mostly regarding assembly or wrong items being shipped. We firmly believe this is part of the process of ordering disassembled furniture online. That being said, the Crosley Pemberly Row / Everett Media record Console is a real classy item. Although it tends to be in a high price range you’re paying for the excellent retro design and unique features like sliding & hinged doors.

Measurements / Size: 18 x 34.2 x 44 inches


Simpli Home Draper Mid Century Low TV Media Stand

The designers from Simpli Home offer a range of quality furniture with proper functionality and modern design. Their furniture often times come with classic tapered legs typifying the 1950’s / 60’s retro era.

The only problem is that this piece is not specifically designed as a record player stand. Why did we add it to our list then? Well, it’s an awesome item and generally, reviews seem to be above average. From past furniture items we’ve discussed, we know that people tend to speak their mind on Amazon reviews.

Besides great reviews, it can be used to store audio equipment as shown in the image. This also helps to get the inside scoop on products. Furthermore, Simpli Home media console is made from solid rubberwood and has an Auburn brown dark wood finish. It’s a sturdy piece of furniture and larger compared to previous items. Besides the impressive design and quality, we think that the price plays a big role in the reason for its popularity.

Compared to other offerings, it’s definitely fairly priced. It also comes in 3 variants called “low”, “medium” and “tall”. With each different unit, the price and height of design slightly increase. The door and cabinet arrangement also differs between variants with different sliding or regular hinged cabinet doors being used.

What’s great is that each variant has multiple holes for cables at the back, room for a standardly sized turntable and a vinyl collection of most record player furniture. Shelves have adjustable height so you can customize them. One couple noted that they use it to store vinyl records, so it’s definitely possible. The amount of vinyl that can be stored remains uncertain.

We love the idea of sliding doors – its feel so retro and for that reason, the “Tall” variation is our favorite option for this media console. Even though it’s not built with turntables in mind, it’s a versatile piece and great contender in the bigger sized record player console category.

Measurements / Size: 60 x 18 x 26 inches


The Veep Stereo Turntable Cabinet-Credenza

We’re not sure how our readers would react when they see the price for the Veep Stereo Turntable Cabinet. Either way, we’re glad to add this to the list. Furniture pieces like this do cost a lot of money and they are truly one of a kind. I know we’ve said it before but just take another look…

Even if you can’t afford the Veep Stereo Cabinet or don’t like it (taste differs), it’s amazing to look at. The Veep Stereo turntable cabinet comes with a ton of features and almost looks like a Transformer (like in the movie) once you open everything up. With its Mid-Century Modern design and sharp edges made of symmetrical holes on both sides, it’s a true piece of art.

This specific design is made out of salvaged maple wood and is available in other types of wood as one would expect for this particular price. It has 6 areas with the middle drawer built specifically to host records and side cabinets with enough space for an amplifier and other equipment.

The top flip-open area is used to store a record player in a typical retro media console stereo cabinet style. Areas in both top right and left corners are built for storing speakers. Each drawer and cabinet open with a slight push – something we thought was a great addition. It’s a super sleek designer furniture piece with a hefty price tag, but very functional and fantastic to look at! Currently, it’s one of the most expensive furniture items on the list.

Measurements / Size: 18 x H6 x 54 inches


Additional products from Etsy

Etsy is a great market where you can find custom, unique products from unusual sellers. We couldn’t create this guide without at least mentioning a few items from Etsy.

The Wee Record Player Stand (Mid-Century Modern)

Source: Etsy.com

There’s nothing “Wee” about the look and feel of this Mid-Century Modern record player stand from Tiny Lion Designs. Essentially it’s a modern open cabinet stand with a dash of color. It seems simple, but very elegant and a definite centerpiece.

Although the focus of this table stand appears to be on record storage the top level can easily be used to house a turntable. This isn’t just another mass-produced piece of furniture, it’s handmade with love, care and created to each customer’s specific standards. The vinyl record storage amount is uncertain, however, compared to other models, it’s estimated to be around 50.

With this product, each customer gets the option of choosing between four height ranges including 20, 22, 26 inches or a custom height. When it comes to different colors used on the inside of the stand you have the option of choosing from 19 different colors – some of which are very unique. Some that we like include scarlet red, avocado, sea foam green, cobalt, sun yellow and burnt orange.

We feel the price might be a bit high however you get a quality made piece of furniture and lots of different colors to choose from.

Measurements / Size: 24 x 16 x 22.5  inches


Metal Record Player Stand End Table

Source: Etsy.com

Oakland Academy creates custom designs with a focus on dark colors, steel, and wood. Their handmade designs have a typical industrial feel and are something very different compared to the other record player tables we’ve reviewed. In essence, they call it “rustic modern”.

That being said, it’s very sturdy as the frame is made from steel and the top is made out of 2-inch thick reclaimed wood. The high level is used for as a table for record player holder while the bottom level doubles as a vinyl storage area and space for an amplifier. A number of records that can be displayed remain unclear, however, it’s probably a lot… The only issue is that there isn’t a wire rack or anything else to keep them from falling down.

Since reclaimed wood is used we’re assuming that materials can be hardwood, pine, maple or oak. Compared to other handmade record player furniture items, unfortunately, there aren’t any variations available. Overall it’s a great solution, priced fairly and the metal frame makes it unique.

Measurements / Size: 30 x 16.5 x 18 inches


SAWoodworking Modern End Record Player Table

Source: Etsy.com

Shreeves Architectural created a very stylish Mid Century Modern handmade record player furniture stand. The focus is mostly on small collections, but it’s a really classy piece of work.

The body of this end table is made out of maple plywood and coated in a satin white paint. The drawer itself is made out of solid walnut and is kept as its natural brown color. As a unique feature, they’ve added hairpin steel legs which are available in an assortment of colors. Customers get to choose from three leg finishes including clear coat, raw steel, and satin black.

The only variation that exists is in black. Since this is a handmade record player table we’re sure the designer can offer more varieties. Overall storage on this piece is on the low end, but we like the simplicity of it. This is also one of the most expensive record player stand tables from Etsy on our list. However, it’s still a great piece worth taking a closer look at if you don’t mind paying above average prices.

Measurements / Size: 18 x 15 x 28 inches


Vinyl record cabinet stand with hairpin legs

Source: Etsy.com

The designers from Lumi Wood seem to love working with triangular shapes. It’s one part that makes this stand / open end cabinet combination unique. Oh, and there’s the fact that it’s made in Russia. Yes, it’s not a mistake – Russia. There’s nothing wrong with Russia, we’re just stating the facts.

That being said it looks like a cool item and again the hairpin legs give it a type of modern sleek feel. It has three different areas to use including the angled area on the left which is perfect for storing records at an angle. The fact that this area is open means that you can quickly sort through your vinyl.

The second area to the right can be used for amplifiers or even more records and the top level is used for turntables. Keep in mind that shipping costs will be relatively high. What’s also cool is the fact that you can use the stand in different ways – with the angled area on the left or even on the right.

Measurements / Size: 29 x 15 x 27 inches

Record player furniture defined: Stands & Tables VS Cabinets VS Media Consoles

one of the best black turntable stands with storageRecord player stands and tables: Stands and tables are similar in nature and mostly made out of wood or a combination of materials. Furniture in this category is mostly open, meaning you can see what is placed on different storage levels.

Record player cabinets: These items tend to be big, although small cabinets exist, and differentiate themselves from stands with the addition of drawers and cabinet doors. Many cabinets contain closed options and have doors to conceal what is inside.

Record Player Media Consoles: These furniture items tend to be big entertainment pieces to store all your music equipment and can even come with built-in speakers. Media console furniture items were very popular in the 1950’s where it was the centerpiece of every bachelor pad.

Choosing the right item for you…

image about making a decisionIt’s very hard to say the “X” is the best record player stand, cabinet, table or console. Cheaper furniture items will cost between $50 – $200 while more expensive items can be $200 – $1000+, but you get what you pay for. Keep in mind to check prices yourself. They change frequently.

Don’t expect to buy a $50 item and be able to display a collection of 1000 records. The higher the price the more functionality, storage, better quality and better design. When it comes to choosing the best one for you, it’s really up to what you need and what you are willing to spend. Our reviews will give you an oversight of each product and help you make an informed decision.

Final words

There is so many record player stands, tables, cabinets and media consoles available, but this list will definitely help you find an item you like. We know and understand the every vinyl collector’s budget is different – that’s why we added a big variation of items from under $100 up to over $1000. If you need separate storing for vinyl records see all our additional vinyl record storage furniture here.

One important tip: remember to check dimensions of the equipment you own before purchasing furniture and double check product dimensions on Amazon.

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