Discovering music from Keez

Have you ever spent time searching for new artists and trying out different varieties of music? That’s exactly what happened when I discovered Keez. The thing is, when I tried to find more information about the man it wasn’t as easy as it’s supposed to be. He’s is a hard guy to track down. We’ve decided to add new artists to Premier Records as we’re all about music so this is hopefully the first of many artist discovery posts.

Keez rapping on the streets

What does Keez mean? Well Urban Dictionary explains it this way: It’s a solution or a way out, something you can’t simply go on without doing. The other definition for it isn’t safe for work so I’m hoping that I’ve got it right

Music from Keez

Keez’s music is a mix between hip hop, bass and some other genres that I have yet to discover. Here’s one of his tracks from his official Sound Cloud page that I liked. It’s titled: “Unusual – Hosted by Dj1Hunnit” and it was released two years ago. On Sound Cloud he currently has 7 tracks listed and just over 500 followers.

Remember how I said he’s a hard man to track down? Well he’s also got a profile on, but under the name KEEZ. The music on Mix Cloud has a complete different tone to it. It consists mainly of electronic influences and can be categorized as dubstep or electronica.

Is this a case of mistaken identity? Are these two separate artists with similar names (it’s happened before)? Or has the artist simply ventured into different genres to test the waters?

Here a track from the Keez Mix Cloud profile titled “Fluid state of consciousness” which is categorized as melodic dubstep:

I feel like saying: “Will the real Keez please stand up?”. Personally I prefer the electronic version of him more than rap as I’m not always a fan of explicit lyrics. Have you discovered any recent artists that you would like us to feature on Premier Records? How would you describe Keez’s music?

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