May Month Music Stand Collection Post

For the month of May, we wanted to feature a few different sound elements and instruments compared to our normal turntable stand or turntable furniture related posts. In fact, this post has almost nothing to do with turntables by absolutely everything with music stands!

What is a music stand?

One would think it’s quite a simple answer or explanation, but it’s described as an instrument or a tool instrumentalist use to hold their performer notes or music sheets. It’s probably most commonly used within an orchestra or by violinists, trumpet player, and conductors. We’ve also seen many instrumentalists with different instruments such as guitar players making use of these stands. It comes in many shapes, colors and sizes and some instruments such as keyboards even have built-in music note displays or removable racks.

Our intention was to create a super long and detailed guide to all the music stands available online since there are so many we can list. Although this might happen in the near future we’re going to show you some of the interesting videos we found surrounding the topic like how to remove them and make them yourself.

How to get rid of music stands in your Church?

This is a fairly interesting subject and one we were very excited to find a video about online. Many Churches have multiple instrumental stands in support of their musicians. This is how these musicians are able to play their notes and remember what to play. In this video, they discuss how to gradually remove music stand from a church without prohibiting the worship experience and decreasing the quality of song and sound.

It goes without saying that if a musician does not have his musical sheet or notes in front of him it means that he or she must be able to memorize each note and every instance. Even though it requires a certain skill level to achieve this, it is not completely impossible. Many top performers do it this way, however, one probably does not want to make a Church worshipping experience to serious.

Either way, almost every point, and the angle is covered in the video. See what the guys from Worship Tutorials have to say about this:

How to build your own music stand?

Let’s get back to basics for a moment. Let’s say you don’t want to remove music stands from your current experience and still need them, but you’re looking to get a new one. What do you do? At this point in time, we could simply refer you to some music stand on Amazon or any other artist website – feel free to do that. There’s a ton of them you can buy online. However as with most furniture on our website, also for turntable related stuff, you could choose the DIY route…

We love to add these DIY video since we’ve realized by spending some time on audio, vinyl and record player forums that a lot of turntable junkies build their own furniture. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to build your own furniture and with a music note display item, it does not need to be any different.

Luckily Ken, a YouTuber, has created a series of videos where he shows you how to build a music sheet support platform straight from his very own workshop. The series consists of four videos and is an over the shoulder demonstration of do-it-yourself at its best.

See part one of “Making a music stand” here:

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