Wheel: The Minimalistic Turntable From Minot

Previously I showcased the Bluetooth Vinyl Speaker from Uncommon Goods, and I became curious as to what other turntable treasures might lie and wait for me on Kickstarter.com. Little did I know that I would discover this little minimalistic gem. It’s called Wheel.

Talk about launching a successful campaign on Kickstarter. Even though pledge amount starts relatively high at around $500, these guys managed to raise over $400 000, and then there original goal was only to raise about $50 000. Naturally, I had to create a post about it since it represents the record industry and is a fantastic product. If it wasn’t, why would people pay almost half a million dollars to get their hands on the turntable or the early bird special as they would call it?

The Wheel is one of the most simplistic turntables available in the world. I have not seen anything similar as of late. Don’t think for one second because it has a simplistic design that it’s a cheap player. No, not at all. It’s got a ton of features and expertise all cramped into a single wheel-like unit.

To use the turntable is said to be very simple, just like the design is intended to be. Situate the vinyl record on the machine and use the stick in the middle to play, pause, skip songs and even increase or decrease the volume. Before I get completely carried away in the details, you can see Wheel here at Miniot.com.

Its creators have elegantly hidden all the technology of this record player away from the natural eye. Everything is running its course underneath the vinyl with a protected stylus. What’s great about this type of design is that the machinery stays protected from everyday mishaps and dirt and dust.

The fact that it’s so little and compact means that you don’t need a large space, record player stand or storage item to host it. The product is designed in such a way that you can use it vertically and in horizontal circumstances. I’ve seen a few other vertical turntables before, and these are very visually appealing since it allows you to see the record while listening to it. On the Kickstarter page, they display the device vertically within a cabinet which I thought was pretty cool.

You definitely won’t expect a turntable being displayed vertically in a cabinet or a stand.

An Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge is used with the tonearm offering a beautiful cozy and bright sound. The arm is created from one piece of mahogany wood to match the product’s quality and design. Building the turntable this way allows them to perfect the sound of each unit and make it almost precise. However, keep in mind that with this particular design user replacements of individual parts are limited.

For more information about this high-quality Holland made Wheel and a lot more product images visit the Kickstarter crowdfunding page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/865809794/wheel-by-miniot


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