7 Retro, Vintage & Old Fasioned Phones From Crosley & Other Brands

Do you remember a time when mobile devices didn’t exist, and telephones had cords? The guys from Crosley phones surely do. They are selling a range of vintage and retro wall phones that are bound to bring back a lot of memories. We were amazed that people are still using crosley phonesthese kinds of vintage wall phones. With old things being so popular nowadays it’s no wonder these items are popular.

I have to be completely honest, old-fashioned retro Crosley phones don’t seem very practical. However, the thought of answering a call or dialing a number on an old-fashioned circular mechanism, or at least one that looks the part, is kind of cool. The fact that it has a cord takes you back to a different era.

Some of these items are so popular on Amazon that they’ve generated a lot of reviews. If you think people aren’t using these old-fashioned phones anymore, think again. Here’s our list of the coolest retro telephones from Crosley and a few other brands we like.


CR55-BC Crosley Wall Phone

The CR55-BC is currently the most popular telephone from Crosley. Or, at least regarding reviews which are many till date.

It comes with a lot of features and functions similar to that of a modern hands-free phone. These include redial, ringer & earpiece volume control as well as push-button functionality. This makes it a superb mix between retro mid-century design and modern technologies.

It’s available in Brushed Chrome (as seen in the picture to your right), black and dark red. It can be mounted on a wall and has an awesome vintage and retro look to it.

Measurements: 5 x 5 x 10 inches


1950’s Crosley Pay Phone CR56-BK

The Crosley C56-BK Payphone is a big hit among retro enthusiasts. This is a remake a 3-slot design payphone that was widely used between 1950 – 1965. Back in those days, these devices were all over the place, and 10 cent calls were the norm.

With this model from Crosley, you don’t have to pay to call someone, but it has a working coin slot and makes a characteristic sound when you deposit coins. Regarding features, the C56-BK Pay Phone can be mounted on your wall, has a nostalgic coin bank, new volume and sound controls and push-button mechanics.

You also have four different color variations available: pink, black, brushed chrome and red.

Measurements: 7 x 9 x 18 inches


CR62-BK Kettle Classic Desk Crosley Phone

The Crosley CR62-BK Kettle Classic is exactly the kind of retro phone you would have planted on your desk back in the days when mobile devices were but a dream. It follows a traditional 1930’s European technology era design with curved lines, a bulky exterior, and over-sized base.

It’s not the prettiest offering from Crosley however it is a great old-fashioned phone for a bedroom or living room. For the price, it is relatively affordable as well. As with previous items on the list, features and technology are very much the same. It includes a redial, sound modification (ringer & earpiece), tone switch and push-button mechanics. It only comes in black and brushed chrome and red which seems to be very popular colors among Crosley phones.

Measurements: 11.9 x 7.4 x 7.7 inches


Crosley CR64-BK Candlestick

If retro and late 1930+ era technology don’t seem to fit your style, you’ll love this Crosley Candlestick Phone. This particular device mimics an early 1900’s design which as also called the “upright.”

It has a bell-shaped talk piece and cord covered in cloth. Although the design dates back over 100 years back, it does have some modern features as with most Crosley phones. Some of these include ringer/earpiece volume control, push-button dialing and more.

It’s a beautiful decorative item although we don’t feel it offers great functionality since the cord length is relatively short. However, don’t let that fool you. Users will surely be taken for a trip down memory lane with the Crosley Candlestick.

Colors available include black and chrome.

Measurements: 6 x 7 x 12 inches

Crosley CR59-PI Princess Telephone

The CR59-PI Princess is a cute pink vintage phone perfect for a little girls room or anyone else that likes pink for that matter. It looks great on a desk and fits nicely on a nightstand in a bedroom.

It is only available in the pink pastel color but has all the traditional Crosley phones features (push button tech, volume control, redial, etc.). It also has one of those stretchy cords which means it can reach a safe distance.

Measurements: 4 x 9 x 4 inches


Wild and Wolf Retro 746 Replica Phone

Wild and Wolf offer a range of beautiful retro phone models from the classic 1960 era British 746 model. This item, although it’s a replica, has a rich history and bold “fat” design. They offer an extensive selection of these curvaceous old fashioned retro phones. It comes in many different colors such as petrol blue, English mustard, French blue and Swedish Green.

It features similar functionality to that of previously mentioned items. This includes the ability to plug into modern day phone sockets, button dialing and more. It also features a mechanical bell ringer which is an awesome addition. 

Click here to see all the different color variations from Wild & Wolf for the 746

Measurements: 10.7 x 7.3 x 6.7 inches


Paramount Viscount 1920’s Corded Phone

The Paramount vintage Viscount 1920’s reproduction item is a real classy piece and one of a kind product for our list. It comes standard in black with brass accents throughout the whole design.

This vintage phone has an old-fashioned handset which entirely rests on its cradle. Other features include being able to change receiver and ringer volume and push-button technology for easy dialing.

It’s a great contender for some of the previously mentioned Crosley models.

Measurements: 10.7 x 7.3 x 6.7 inches

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