Vintage Cabinet Trends And Awesome Collections For May

Since we wrote our record player cabinet and turntable stand guide our eyes have opened to the beautiful world of vintage and modern furniture. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a music-focused blog and not a furniture one. However, you can’t ignore the fact that part of the reason you choose a cabinet or furniture piece is that of its looks.

Obviously, functionality is important to many, but design plays a big role. We decided to write another one of our collection posts and this time focus on cabinets. We’re going to take a look at multiple vintage cabinets we found online. We might create another post later on focusing on modern pieces and show you a few more DIY tips.

cabinet with books on it

Our list of vintage cabinets

Keep in mind that I’m not a historian nor a furniture collector, but I love these old school items. It also looks like I’m not the only one. Take a look how trends for “vintage”, “retro” and “old school” have climbed over the past few years in Google. This is a tool you can use to check trends on the internet. The search term “vintage” is clearly dominating and from what we can see it will continue to do for a long time.

vintage and retro online trends

It’s only fair then that we list and showcase as many vintage record player cabinets as possible on this list. The first one is a Mid-Century Modern console from Motorola. This furniture item looks amazing and allows the user to tuck away all his record player equipment within the console. In the video, you’ll not only see this amazing cabinet, but the owner also demonstrates it by playing a beautiful vinyl album. To have one of these retro pieces in such good working order is awesome and a true family heirloom!

Here’s an antique cabinet that can only leave you guessing as to its origins and who made it. It’s very similar in size and design compared to the Motorola version mentioned above, but looks like it needs a bit of work. Take a look:

Here’s something that will be a treat for those in love with old furniture. The YouTube channel is called “The Vintage Deco” and it seems that this guy restores vintage record cabinets and then resells them. In this video, he demonstrates his latest restoration of a Mid Century Modern Zenith Turntable Console that he added a bunch of modern features to such as Bluetooth. The consoles and stands refurbished and created by this business is truly amazing and definitely worth mentioning.

Here’s the video we mentioned above:

Refurbishing and restoring an old cabinet

Redoing a vintage furniture item takes time and isn’t always as easy as some would make you believe. Luckily videos like this exist where you are showed step by step how to take a retro piece, fix it up while helping it keep its old shine and make it like brand new.

See the video here:

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