Beautiful Vinyl Record Portraits From Greg Frederick

To music lovers, vinyl is seen as the best music format that ever existed. However for Greg Frederick, they potential art pieces.

Here’s one of Greg’s pieces posted on Instagram. I’m not sure who the person in the photo is, but it looks awesome!

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Frederick is the owner of Vinyl Pop Art, his business where he takes old vinyl records, breaks them up and creates one of a kind portraits of iconic figures. According to Frederick he only Record used by Greg for his artuses recyclable LP’s.

When referring to recyclable, I’m talking about LP’s that aren’t playable anymore and are full of scratches probably because they weren’t taken care of or properly cleaned.

He is based out of his Brooklyn New York studio and has been following this process ever since 2011. Frederick has grown quite a following online through being featured in multiple publications, with a full-blown video interview on Digital Trends and currently has more than 7000 Instagram followers.

His audience and fame will only grow as the need and love for vinyl records increase over time. Here’s a video from Frederick showcasing a portrait of Micheal Jackson he created in 2011.

He was a photographer before he started using vinyl to create pictures. His first art piece was formed one day when he found a bunch of old 45 LP’s lying in the street. The records were chipped, and in bad shape, so he decided to play with them by adding them on top of photographs.

He later realized that he could create truly unique murals by only using the broken LP’s.

Not only does he create portraits out of his creativity, but he can also be commissioned to create custom forms. If you’d like to try this project yourself, it’s doable. Frederick uses a set of old records that he breaks up into smaller pieces.

However, when breaking them up, you need to remember to wear gloves since pieces of vinyl can get very sharp. He then uses a portrait in different shapes and sizes and starts gluing the broken LP’s pieces to it in the form of a face.

You need a lot of patience for the glue to dry so this is not a ten-minute project.

If art and DIY interests you, this could be an excellent project to give a try. Think of a famous person or even family member you want to depict on your artwork and give a go!

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