15+ Vinyl Record Clocks – The Ultimate Collection For 2017

Here at Premier Records, we love all things vinyl. Adding a vinyl record clock guide was on our list for quite some time till finally, we got around to creating it. This guide will be short and sweet, but we’re vinyl record clock on the wall from the beatlesgoing to show you some of the coolest vinyl timepieces out there. 20 Items to be exact.

We feel that these clocks serve a dual purpose. Some people buy them because they’re record collectors and it would be a great addition to their record player etc. Others buy them merely because they look great and stand out compared to standard bland timepieces. What’s cool about these vinyl wall clocks are that can be themed according to movies, artists, genres and more.

In this guide, we’ve added a large variety and some of the most popular vinyl timepieces from Amazon. For ease of use, we’ve listed each one for you below. Clicking on each link will direct you to the particular item.

Our 4 Vinyl Record Clock Categories

Since we’ve added around 20 items to this list, we wanted to make it easy for you to find clocks from all of the different categories listed. Here are the categories and related items.

General Artistic Designs

Disney themed clocks

Movies, Television & Series

Music & Artists

General Artistic Designs

World Vintage Vinyl Wall Clock

According to some customer reviews on Amazon, this item might be the most popular on our list. At least regarding reviews. Every clock is from this item is made from a different LP, so it’s not always the same as shown in the picture. It’s marketed as a piece of modern vinyl clock art that will be a nice addition to any modern room design.


Custom name

This one is unique compared to all the other vinyl clocks we have listed on this page. It’s made by a handmade designer called “Sol Pixie Dust.” This item is a very cool concept. Each timepiece created is unique since you are given the option to select a record size, choose the clock hands color, add your name and background color to the mix. The result is something like: “Whatever [Name] you’re late anyway.” If you need a present for a friend that’s never punctual this will be a great option.


Beauty Salon Personalized Salon Decorative Art

If you work in or know someone that is a hair stylist, this would be a great addition to their business or home. It has a scissor, comb, brush and hair dryer cut out – all the tools a hair stylist would need.


Disney Themed Clocks

Lady & The Tramp

This one isn’t for grown-ups, but kids on the other end will love it. Lady and the Tramp is a classic animated Walt Disney musical about two dogs falling in love and going on an epic adventure. Multiple versions of this film have been released. Even though the movie first aired in 1955 one can still purchase copies on DVD today. No wonder kids love Lady & The Tramp, and the vinyl clock is so popular.


Beauty and the Beast “Tale as old as time” Disney Record Clock

With Beauty and the Beast back in the spotlight again with its 2017 movie remake it’s no wonder this timepiece had once again gained popularity online. It’s every little girl’s dream, so why not liven up their room this highly detailed and decorative vinyl timepiece?


Lion King

Here’s a Disney vinyl record timepiece themed in one of Disney’s finest movies ever made: The Lion King. It depicts Simba, Scar and my two favorite characters in the film, Timon, and Pumbaa. If your kid has seen Lion King, lately the chances are that he’ll beg you to get this one!


Little Mermaid

Princesses, mermaids, love – all the things a little girl dreams about. In this item Ariel, an underwater mermaid princess is beautifully depicted together with her crabby friend in an ocean setting. It’s perfect for a Disney Princess themed room.


Movies, Television & Series

The Dark Night, Batman Record Clock

Who better to protect your bedroom than the Dark Knight himself! If you’re a fan of Gotham’s very own hero and know your DC comics by heart, this Batman vinyl timepiece will fit you perfectly. This particular item has a lot of detail and depicts Batman looking out over his city, guarding and defending it. These also make excellent gifts for a kid’s room or even a man cave.


Doctor Who Record Wall Timepiece

Doctor Who is a television series that has been running for decades. It was first aired in 1963 and created by the BBC as science-fiction series. Since then it has generated a massive cult following. This item depicts Doctor Who, and his TARDIS staring right at you in an impressive half cut out a vinyl record. If you fancy yourself to be a “Timelord,” this one is for you.



I have to admit: I’m a big fan of the Avengers. I’ve watched all their movie till date. If I weren’t a grown man, I would probably be getting one of these myself. This vinyl record clock shows all the Avengers in their ultimate glory. Each member of the Avengers team is indicated on this item, including Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and Black Widow. It also has the awesome Avengers logo on the bottom. This will make some good wall art!


Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Art

Here’s an item many people search for online: The Nightmare Before Christmas Timepiece. This movie is one of Tim Burton’s unique creations which has gained somewhat of a cult following as well. If you’re a fan, you’ll like this item that depicts Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King in classic Nightmare Before Christmas artistic style.

Legend of Zelda

Here’s a clock gamers will enjoy. It showcases the classic action adventure fantasy game called Legend of Zelda. It’s not a movie, but we added it to this category just in case their a video game pro in our midst’s reading it…


Music & Artists


ACDC Record Clock Art

What’s better than having the masters of rock, ACDC, hanging on your wall? This vinyl record shows one of ACDC’s band members going to town with one of their classic rock solos. It’s also got the original ACDC logo on it which everyone loves.


Bob Marley

Reggae fans, this one is especially for you. It’s a record with Jamaican Reggae legend Bob Marley on it while laughing and enjoying life his traditional way. If you know what I mean. This clock is expertly designed and contains a lot of detail.


Michael Jackson record Wall Art

This timepiece must have taken a while to create. It’s got more shapes cut out of it than vinyl left over. It describes the King Of Pop, Micheal Jackson, in his truest form singing and dancing like no other.


The Beatles

We simply can’t leave this legendary band out from our vinyl record clock list. These guys have shaped music over the years and had a tremendous influence on musicians all over the world. Their timepiece demonstrates the four band members of the Beatles walking across Abbey Road and also shows the face of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.


Nirvana vinyl wall clock

Oh man, these guys were super popular in my high school days. I remember playing Nirvana’s “Smell’s like teen spirit” on my guitar too many times to count. On the record, you can see Kurt Cobain, other band members and their logo being showcased.


Johnny Cash

Here’s a clock describing an artist that some have called one of the most influential performers of the 20th century. His name is non-other than Johnny Cash and is showcased singing in a ring of fire!


Final Words

We hope you had an awesome time discovering the vinyl record clock scene.

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