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The vinyl community is significant, but the world wide web is bigger. We can’t possibly provide you with every little bit of information out there here on Premier Records, so we decided to create a list of excellent and trusted sites to make your experience with us even better. The list will include websites and businesses from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and maybe even a few other countries.¬†You’ll find record shops, labels, hobbyists, communities, blogs and much more. The list is ever growing.

Dusty Groove – a favorite online record stop that started all the way back in 1996 as a side hobby, but later turned into a full-time business. Today these guys sell all kinds of vinyl on their site and add 100’s of titles daily to their stock.

Memphis Industries – A music blog featuring super cool artists and selling vinyl online. Not one to miss!

Princeton Record Exchange – These guys have been buying and selling vinyl since 1980 and have even been featured in magazines such as The Rolling Stones. If that isn’t impressive enough, they currently have over 100 000 items in stock.

Resonance Records – If you love jazz, this is for you! They are a non-profit record label with the focus on promoting jazz musicians around the world.

More Music – This site provides an extensive list of online record shops including interesting locations like Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia and much more.

Atone’s Record Shop – Antone’s sells a wide range of vinyl and accessories via their online store including books, magazines, DVDs and even CD’s. They’ve also been in the vinyl business for more than 30 years! What a legacy!

Garrard 501 – A professional turntable seller selling their own brand of products including the Garrard 601 and more. Their site contains loads of information. This is where serious vinyl junkies hang out.

Fruits De Mer Records – Here’s a site stuck in time, yet very entertaining and not to miss. They have an online shop, blog about monthly news and many other goodies. It’s best you check it out for yourself.

Narnack Records – An independent record label since 2002 and online store selling a wide range of products from vinyl to shirts, posters, DVDs and more.

Headline Records – Deemed the “Punk Store since 1995” these guys offer great deals on vinyl in-store (Los Angeles) with their club card memberships and through their online shop. – A worldwide directory of stores totaling over 600. If you’re looking for a record store near you, this is the place to find one.

Grooves Record Store – Canadian record shop based in Ontario that sells, buy and trade vinyl.

Dance Record Store – Online record store with a focus on selling classic and rare items doing business since 1999.

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