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About Us

The Premier Records Blog contains almost everything related to record players, or at least that’s what we’re aiming to accomplish.

We started this vinyl record blog almost exactly one year ago in early 2017 and have been publishing product reviews, how-to guides and news posts ever since.

Recently we’ve decided to get back to our roots and solely focus on the record industry alone. Since then we’ve revamped many of our guides, reviews and even removed old content that just wasn’t up to standard.

Be sure to head over to our blog for our latest posts or take a look at some of our turntable related guides such as those on record stands and vinyl storage posts.

The Premier Records blog is still very small, but we plan to keep on bringing you amazing content. Please remember to follow us on Facebook for all blog related updates. We’re almost at 100 likes – super exciting!

We’ve also had many readers share our content on Flipboard. If you see something you like, please be sure to share it with friends and on your social accounts. We always appreciate any recognition.

Thanks for visiting Premier Records and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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