Vinyl Record Storage Guide: 19 Shelves, Container, Boxes (2019)

Vinyl Record Storage Guide: 19 Awesome Containers, Boxes, Cases, Racks For 2019

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Whether you’re a serious collector or just getting started, chances are you need a vinyl record storage solution. Your options when storing records are almost limitless. In this guide, you’ll find over 19 of the best LP storage solutions for 2019.

You’ll find something for every taste and need, including boxes, containers, crates, racks, shelves, and carry-on cases. If you want something that offers a combination of storage for records and a turntable see my record player stands guide on this page.

KAIU LP Storage Holder

KAIU Storage HolderThe KAIU holder is a natural wood product with a simple design. It has a wooden base and two acrylic sleeves at both ends which enable you to store up to 50 records. One of the best features of this product is the fact that it allows you to flip through albums on almost any surface effortlessly.

Crosley AC1004A-NA

Crosley AC1004A-NAThe Crosley AC LP Record Storage crate is very other in the low budget range. It’s made from solid wood and can hold up to 75 vinyl records. The container also has a cool looking Crosley emblem on the side while the design makes it easy to pick up and move around. There have been many positive reviews surrounding this item, and for the price range, it’s a great buy.

Darlas Studio 66

Darlas Studio 66Here’s an item that is very straightforward, functional, and affordable. It is estimated to hold up to 89 records and made in the USA. The container seems to be made from pine wood and is reported to be relative sturdy, even with a bunch of LP’s in it.

As for style and color, there isn’t much to say. You probably would not buy this product for design, instead of for the sake of storing records. It is very affordable, and you can buy a few of these record crates for a few hundred bucks.

Wicker Wood Works 12″ Container

Wicker Wood Works 12" Container for storing recordsThe Wicker Wood Works hand-made furniture designer creates a lot of fantastic LP record storage furniture items for vinyl collectors. What’s great about this container is it enables you to store records almost anywhere while looking great. You can place this container on another piece of furniture. It holds up to 100 12 inch records.

With this particular item, you get the option of choosing between 6 wood finishes, including dark walnut, ebony, red Mahogany, vintage blue, and Golden Oak. It’s made by hand, build to last and offer many variations makes this a great product.

These crates come in many different sizes and price ranges. Take a look at additional products from Wicker Wood Works here.

Atlantic Record Crate

Atlantic crateThe Atlantic Record crate is another super low-cost offering that can store up to 50 vinyl records. The type of wood used remains uncertain, although they market it as having a “natural wood look.” It has a handle on both sides, making it easy to pick up and move around.

However, seeing as it does not have a bottom shelf preventing records from falling out, you probably would need to tilt the crate when picking it up. It’s not the best product on the list but caters to someone on a tight budget.

Sterilite Plastic Storage Container

Sterilite plastic containerThese plastic crates are probably one of the most affordable storage products on the list and amazingly functional. These plastic vinyl storage containers also have multiple storage functionalities. If you’re on a budget (possibly a very tight budget), you can’t go wrong with these plastic crates.

Foremost Cube Storage Boxes

Foremost CubeThese solid wood vinyl record storage box from Foremost is a simplistic and efficient way of storing albums. Apart from being able to display more than 80 records, they can also be used to store many other types of items.

They are designed in such a way that they can hold around 200 lb of weight and are incredibly lightweight compared to other similar products. It’s affordable, available in four colors (brown, espresso, black, white) and perfect for a budget conscious buyer.

Way Basics Stackable LP Cube

Way Basics Stackable cubeSimilar to the Foremost Cube the Way Basics box can host between 65-70 LP’s. It is made from recycled paperboard and can hold a maximum weight of 50 lbs. What’s great about this box is that it comes with a lifetime warranty! Colors available include brown, black, white, and natural. These boxes can also easily be stacked on top of each other.

Sefour Vinyl Record Carry Box

Sefour boxSefour manufactures a wide range of DJ record storage furniture, and this box is one of their most popular items on Amazon. It has a carry handle placed in front of the box and stores about 65 LP’s. Besides the black version, it’s also available in a tobacco walnut brown, pink, blue, and red color. It also comes with a double box version which we’ve listed for you below.

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BCW 12″ Vinyl Storage Box

BCW 12" Storage BoxThese record storage boxes from BCW are very durable and functional. Made from cardboard, they can stand a 200 lb strength test and hold up to 65 records. The fact that each one has a removable lid further protects your vinyl from dust. It’s not the most beautiful choice, but it is very functional and an excellent low-cost storage option.

Metal Vinyl Rack

Metal rack with records in itHere’s an LP record storage solution that stands out as being unique. The rack is made from metal and offers a very stylish display solution. It can only host between 5-6 albums. At a very affordable rate, you can get two of these beautiful minimalist design vinyl racks in black or white.

Artifact Design Accordion Expandable Iron Album Rack

Artifact Design vinyl storage rackThis LP rack from Artifact Design is built in an accordion style and made from metal. It has a typical vintage look to it and is bound to turn heads of fellow collectors. It has 12 slots for LP storage and comes standard in the gray metal look.

Crosley CR401-TA Carrier Case

Crosley CR401-TAThis 60’s retro-inspired LP storage case from Crosley comes standard in brown, has a metal lock and handle to take with you anywhere. What’s great is that this case does an excellent job of protecting your records.

Place them inside, close the lid and you don’t have to worry about dust or damaging records. It’s a great storage option for those that are traveling and are slightly overprotective of their collection.

Odyssey KROM

Odyssey KROMIf you tend to like metal items, this LP storage case from Odyssey is a great option. With this case, you can host about 70 12″ albums. It’s also padded with a foam interior for further protection and has a detachable lid.

Urbangreen vinyl record storage cabinet

UrbangreenUrban Green has designed this three-level, eco-friendly record player storage cabinet that’s made in the USA. It’s a storage cabinet fit for a medium sized LP collector as it can host up to 390 records. The shelving unit only comes in one color.

Metal & Wood Vinyl Record Shelf

Metal & Wood shelfThis vinyl record storage shelf can host a whopping 800 LP’s and is a one of a kind product. It might also be the most expensive one, but what did you expect to pay for furniture that can host hundreds of records? The design consists of a combination of cold rolled steel rods used for the frame and Maple wood for the shelves.

DK Record display stand

DK display standDK Vinyl Storage Displays creates a range of one of a kind record storage items with fantastic gloss finishes. Most of their products are made from Baltic Birch and painted with eco-friendly paint. This particular item can store up to 400 LP’s.

The designer stresses that he only selects the highest quality materials available. Since it’s handmade and has such big storage capacity, you can expect to pay slightly more than most units on this list.

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Cube 12″ furniture stack

wicker woodworksThis 12-inch cube LP storage stack is similar to the first item we listed from Wicker Wood Works. As with most of Wicker Wood Works’ furniture pieces, you have a choice between different wood finishes such as vintage blue, mahogany, oak, walnut, and ebony. This particular item is two of their single container cubes stacked on top of each other with the capacity of hosting around 160 records.

Flip Tabletop Handcrafted Display Unit

Flip Tabletop HandcraftedThis Flip Tabletop furniture piece from Luno is a beautiful handmade piece. Materials used include solid walnut and brass with a wax finish (made in Los Angeles). Not only is it great to look at, but it also makes sorting through your records a breeze.

Compared to other furniture pieces with similar vinyl storage capacity, it is expensive since it can only store up to 35 records. It is, however, a timeless piece of modern LP record storage art.

Final thoughts

There you have it, my impressive collection of vinyl record storage products available online for 2019.  Take care of those records and happy listening! Remember to visit the Premier Records home page for more guides.