How To Use Old Records To Create A Cupcake Stand
cupcakes to put on the stand made from vinyl

How To Use Old Records To Create A Cupcake Stand

vinyl record cupcake stand

Here’s something you don’t see every day, cupcakes and vinyl records.

What we’ve noticed about the record player community is that these people are really creative and inventive.

This vinyl cupcake stand is something you really won’t find anywhere else and probably won’t use that often. However, how cool it would be to have a few of these at an event?

As usual, the idea for this post comes from a guide on

The writer of this guide had a wedding coming up. The overall theme for the wedding was vintage so he thought that creating new cupcake stands from old materials would be a nice fit.

He then used a few old vinyl records for the base of the stand and as well as at different levels of the cupcake holder. Building this stand isn’t really hard, almost anyone can do it.

To create this vinyl record work of art you basically need a limited amount of materials such as a few nuts, bolts, washers, a threaded rod, between 2-3 records (depending on how big of high the cupcake stand will be) and tools such as knives and pliers to put it all together.

Another designer made a video about a similar process on YouTube which we’re sure will be very helpful if you’d like to build one of this yourself.

We’ve also found someone on eBay selling these cupcake stands and probably making a hefty profit. On this specific listing, they’ve sold more than 147 of these stands already.