How To Ground A Record Player. A Simple 6 Step Guide
old vinyl on a record player

How To Ground A Record Player

How to ground a record player demo imageThere always seems to be an issue when somebody tries to ground audio gear. It’s a major source of distortion and humming.

Something called a “ground loop” can happen when the chassis connections of different equipment pieces are not all at the same ground voltage.

Your turntable is no exception to this and must be correctly grounded to the amplifier to avoid noise and get the best performance from your system.

Here are the steps and some tips on how to ground a record player:

Step 1: Cut The Power

Before you ever do anything that has to do with wires and electricity, turn off the power. When it comes to record players, this precaution can prevent loud noises that can damage your ears and the speakers as you make the connections.

This also lowers and eliminates the risk of electrocution.

Step 2: Locate The Grounding Wire

Check for your turntables grounding wire. Generally, it will be connected to the underside of the record player chassis. It will have a copper spade connector that is not connected.

Most of the grounding wires on these machines are going to be green, but it’s possible for them to have another color.

Step 3: Find The Grounding Terminal

You will locate the grounding terminal behind the unit, and it will be marked “ground.” This can be a metal post with crossed lines, or it can be a screw terminal. You will then want to loosen the ground terminal.

Step 4: Make Sure There’s Enough Wire

You need to ensure there is enough grounding wire to reach the terminal. You might need to relocate your equipment to make up for the lack in the distance.

Step 5: Connect

Connect the ground wire spade to the grounding terminal and make the connection tight.

Step 6: Turn the power on, and your system is ready.

Here are more tips from the experts: