How To Make Vinyl Frames To Hang On Your Wall As Record Art
vinyl record frames

How to make vinyl frames to hang on your wall


A quick introduction

person putting the record cover on the vinyl frame on the wall

We’ve shown you how to create custom vinyl record stools using insanely cheap materials from Ikea. We’ve even shown you how to create cupcake stands made out of vinyl records.

However, as far as record player furniture decorative pieces go, this one looks great and is super customizable.

You ‘ll definitely want to try out if you have a love for art and records!

It feels like we’ve gotten lost in the amazing world of DIY design guides from with all our recent posts. People in the vinyl community have a flair for DIY, especially when it comes to displaying records and equipment.

This project is no different; it’s simplistic and leaves a lot of room for creating something very unique. You can also easily add your own spin to it.

How to make these vinyl record wall frames?

It’s pretty simple. The tutorial on how to design these frames can be found here:

The project is mostly for 12-inch record album art. Here’s an image of the plans and dimensions for this project.

Picture of the frame plans

You might be thinking: “Why would I want to put album art in a frame and hang it on my wall?” Well, not only does it look awesome, but it’s also a cheap alternative to wall art.

Some vinyl album art might speak to you, have sentimental value or just look so strange that putting it in a frame and hanging it on your wall can be nothing less than perfection.

What’s great about each vinyl frame is that it’s customizable. You can switch albums out whenever you please, use them to store records in again and constantly customize a room to your liking.

Not a lot of record player themed decorative pieces gives you this level of customization with so little effort and cost.

How to make the frame even cooler?

If you have a bit more DIY skill than the average record player enthusiast you could swap out the wooden frame for a metal one. This will give a kind of industrial look that would go great with industrial style furniture which contains a lot of metallic elements.

If metal isn’t your thing, a splash of paint can turn these simple vinyl record frames into a decorative piece that visitors love.