7 Awesome Vinyl Record Accessories & Gifts for 2017

If you’re new to the record player industry you might not be aware of all the awesome vinyl accessories and available online. If you’re an established vinyl junkie, you too might just learn something new today.

vinyl record accessories and gifts

Here’s our list of 8 awesome vinyl gifts and accessories for people crazy about records.

Vinyl Record Accessories and Gifts from Amazon

Record Butler

vinyl record gifts and accessories

Some people go crazy when it comes to keeping their records clean, but can you blame them? Vinyl records cost money and damaged ones can lead to a pretty bad listening experience. Record butler solves this issue by preventing damage in the first place. It’s a simple record handling tool with a fleece type of material on the inside.

By using this vinyl record accessory you can easily pick up records without damaging it or causing oil, dirt, dust or scratches to ruin them. What’s cool about this record handler is the fact that it doubles as a record cleaning tool. Not only that but each package comes with 4 different designs.

It’s a relatively cheap way to ensure that your records stay in pristine condition.


BigBen Record Weight Stabilizer

Record weight stabilizers or records clamps are used mainly to help flatten vinyl records that have been warped or bended. Some have even claimed that using record stabilizers helps to improve the sound it produces. Either way the BigBen Record Weight Stabilizer is a great addition to a record player junkie’s toolset and an awesome vinyl record gift. This specific clamp is designed to work with almost any turntable, comes standard in matt black and silver and is created in the United States.


Collector Protector Record Cleaning Kit

Collector protector

Seeing as the Collector Protector Vinyl Record cleaning kit is currently a best seller on Amazon (please note that this could change in the near future) we had to include it in the list. This product is anti-static vinyl record brush and spray cleaner combo. To use this product you would spray the brush with the cleaning solution and then use the carbon fiber brush on the record to remove any dust or dirt.

The cleaning solution doesn’t contain any alcohol or chemicals that could harm your vinyl records. This tool kit not only helps to remove dirt and static discharges, but ensures that your records last longer and have a better quality of sound. Clear instructions on how to use the Collector Protector Kit as well as a full 2 year warranty is given.

This makes the Collector Protector a great vinyl accessory while being a super affordable product at the same time.


Wax Monkey Premium Vinyl Record Protective Sleeves

Here’s another dead simple vinyl accessory for record lovers that helps protect and lengthen the lifetime of records. It’s called Wax Monkey’s range of protective vinyl record sleeves and is probably the least stylish accessory you’ll find listed here. Yet, it’s super effective. It’s basically a plastic sleeve that fits any sized record with a resalable flap to prevent dust from ruining them.

This is perfect for protecting album art, jackets, album sleeves and the record itself. Each sleeve is made from high quality materials to handle regular use and is transparent enough so that you can actually see what’s inside. Each packet contains 110 sleeves which is more than enough for most collectors and makes for a very functional vinyl record gift.


B.E.G. Records – Vintage Vinyl Record Coasters for Drinks

Here’s something that has retro and vintage written all over it – B.E.G Records Drink Coasters. Each packet contains six vinyl record coasters that have non-slip bottoms and is heat resistant. Not only is this a perfect vinyl record gift for someone that loves record players, it’s super affordable as well. These record coasters look like 45’s and can easily transform you back to an area when vinyl was king!


50 Pack Vinyl Records for Crafting LP Albums

Creating clocks, wall art and furniture from vinyl records are very popular at the moment. One thing you need to start a new project is old records. Preferably you don’t want to use records out of your own prized collection. If you also don’t want to go out searching through local thrift stores for old ones you could simply order a packet of 50 random LP’s for all your craft projects.

There are so many things you can build from these. Take a look at our blog for some DIY ideas…


Vinyl Record Gifts from Etsy

Vinyl Record Pendant Light

vinyl record gifts from etsy
Source: etsy.com

Here’s something we think is a complete piece of art. A designer called “Houselights” on Etsy creates beautiful retro record player lighting for everyday use. They call it rock and roll art or rock and roll décor, but either way it looks amazing! It’s basically a simple light fixture made out of a light bulb (Edison bulb) and a vinyl record.

The designer also gives customers the option of using different colored wire cords, different shapes for the vinyl record as well as wire connections. These would look amazing in a bar or restaurant and make for an amazing present.

You can find these vinyl record lighting fixtures here

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