Turntable Developments And Inventions In 2017

It’s great to discover new turntables, audio equipment, and vinyl. I can speak for all of us here at Premier Records when I say that we hope you feel the same way. If you share our gratitude for new developments in this industry you’ll enjoy the following.

We’re going to share with you one of the weirdest record players we’ve ever seen as well as a completely new turntable concept which allows you to build it yourself.

The Spinbox DIY Turntable

For a while I’ve thought that building a turntable for yourself would be possible however you would probably need some kind of sound engineering degree to pull it off. I thought off writing a post about it, but it seemed impossible from my point of view so it did not realize. The guys from the Kickstarter project called “Spinbox” would totally disagree. We recently discovered an article featuring this self-assemble record player on whathifi.com and realized it is actually possible.

The concept might sound strange to some since you don’t need any special knowledge or tools to build this turntable. The creators of the Spinbox also indicated that you can set this record player up in under 30 minutes. That’s not a lot of time…

The base is built from cardboard, gets power from your mobile device charger and can play a wide range of vinyl record (7, 10 and 12 inches). It also comes with an amplifier and speaker however you should probably not expect the best sound in the world.

Find out more about the Spinbox DIY record player in the demo video below:

The “Love” Intelligent Turntable

If you’re someone who believes that less is more, then the Love turntable is the perfect audio tool for you. The guys from Factmag.com has declared it like this: “The race for the most ridiculous new record player is on.” We couldn’t agree any more… However with the “Love” audio tool it’s far from ridiculous and rather revolutionary.

It’s a simple concept which enables you to not only control the player via your mobile device but also connects to surrounding devices with Bluetooth such as your speakers. Audio is sent via Bluetooth to your speakers and it is set to provide is whole new kind of vinyl listening experience.

Although this concept is very revolutionary some believe that it might hinder the traditional record player experience and make it too digital. Although this might be true it seems that a middle ground between the digital world and that of traditional record players should be found since there is a big interest in both. Neither one of these industries will fade away anytime soon.

Here’s the video feature the editors from “Coming Soon Tech Gadgets” published on their blog. It was released in January 2017 and has already received over 80 000 views. Does this mean people are interested in this type of product or not?

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