A look at the new Stir It Up Turntable from the House of Marley

The legacy of Bob Marley is kept well intact with the organization that makes and produces a variety of audio products known as the ‘House of Marley’, also known for their earth-friendly principles. The organization’s products are normally constructed from recycled or sustainable materials and they’ve also been praised for their outstanding sound quality and build. This new turntable, named the Stir It Up turntable, is among the new lines of products that are packed with many features and looks fantastic!

The body of the turntable is laced with a bamboo top enclosed by a cloth known as ‘Rewind,’ which is constructed from plastic, cotton, and hemp. The platter of the turntable is made from aluminum and the isolating feet and slip mat from recycled rubber. The record player is shipped with a cloth cover that has been constructed from the rewind material instead of the normal cover made of plastic dust.

The packaging materials and the box have been designed very well from recycled cardboard. The platter of the turntable is driven by a belt, and it will only spin if you lift up the arm and move it above the record player. When the needle ends up at the end of a side, the platter will automatically stop itself. The tonearm of the turntable ships together with an MM cartridge from Audio Technica that has been pre-installed and while the sound output seems alright with the cartridge, there is an option to replace with another one if one requires so.

The turntable itself is capable of playing 45- and 33- rpm records. However, it does not have support for 78. Setting it up for play is easy and quick. You only need to stretch out the rubber belt. It also comes with simple instructions.

For playback, this record player has some fascinating options. On the front, there is a 3.5mm output port for those who prefer to listen to their music privately on headphones. On the back of the player, there is a set of RCA jacks that can be used to connect to a receiver that has a phono input. Also, thereĀ is a USB port that can connect to your PC that you can digitize records and save them to your PCs hard drive.

The back of the record player also has a switch that can be used to turn on the inbuilt pre-amp which allows the user to connect the player directly to almost any type of speaker. This eliminates any requirement for a full stereo set-up that has a separate amplifier and receiver.

The Stir It Up is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to make a comeback into vinyl primarily due to the various output choices it comes with. Not only will it provide you with several ways in which you can listen to vinyl records, but it also makes the digitizing process much more straightforward. It’s also great that you won’t need to purchase additional equipment such as cables and converters.

This player is beautifully constructed, sounds great, and is environmentally friendly making it an excellent option for someone looking to start collecting and listening to vinyl records.

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