Weird and Wonderful Record Player Videos – April 2017 Collection

So often users post videos about record players, stands, furniture, turntables and more on YouTube and we want to feature some of them here. We’ll sift through these videos, so you don’t have to and hopefully post something you’ll like.

Meat pies and turntables don’t mix or do they?

This is random. I don’t have any other way to describe it. This guy decided to bake a meat pie put it on his turntable and create a video about it. It’s a “weird” video instead of wonderful. If you’ve ever wondered how a piece of food or a meat pie might sound on your turntable, you should take a look at this.

Funny enough, this video has been featured on many other websites and even got over 100000 views on YouTube. I feel like a baking pie, putting it on my record player and recording a video about it. For 100 000 views, I’m considering it…

Here’s the video from this crazy Aussie:

Gramovox & Floating Vertical Turntables

This video is simply wonderful. It’s from a company called Gramavox that, as there founder and CEO put it, re-imagines vintage design with modern technology. Besides, it sounds like the best job in the world, Gramavox has developed a beautiful piece of technology called a floating vertical record player. We love things that are old and have a history behind them. The founder talks about how he used to play music through a 1920’s gramophone.

He believes that old things have a lot of character, soul, and beauty behind them that modern technology simply can’t match. What they have done is re-imagined and redesigned a traditional flat record player into something unique. This is not the first time something like this has been created in the turntable industry.

We’ve seen manufacturers like Sony create linear turntable models in the past like the Sony PS-F5 and Sony PS-F9. However, none of them had the style and class that this model from Gramavox currently has. Well, at least not that we know of. With the Gramavox floating player, you can watch the turntable as you listen to the music. It also comes with built-in speakers that enhance the experience.

With the Gramavox floating record player, the designers have hit the nail right on the head by successfully mixing décor, style and class all in one. Take a look at this awesome piece of technology by watching this video:

MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Record Player

I have no idea how functional and effective this record player is, but wow is it amazing! It’s called the Mag-Lev levitating turntable and does exactly what it says. Your vinyl record is suspended in the air while playing. How they came up with the idea is beyond me. We have limited information about this product at the moment, other than it was a project in 2016. We might create a new post on it later.

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