The Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker From Uncommon Goods

The Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker From Uncommon Goods

Putting vinyl-related products on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter seems to be all the rage. Most new product creators, especially in the record player industry appear to be hitting the jackpot with the Kickstarter crowd.

Not only that, they get to make their product design dreams become a reality.

Take this vinyl Bluetooth speaker from Uncommon Goods. It needed $10000 for its project to be in full swing. 13 Days of the crowdfunding project is left to go and already over $10000 been pledged towards the project.

You can see the design from Kickstarter here. They ended up raising just over $11000.

picture of the Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker from Uncommon Goods

The design of this speaker makes me think of an old-fashioned gramophone and looks almost similar to products from Gramavox. It’s a good mix of old and new in terms of style since it looks like something from the 1960s.

It goes to show you that people love novelty items, things that look different and that no one else owns. It’s probably the same with the Spinbox, a cardboard built-it-yourself record player. The idea seems strange, novel and maybe even unpractical, but that’s precisely the reason it will sell.

What’s neat about this design is the fact that when you pledge different amounts to the vinyl Bluetooth speaker, you get different packages where you can either submit a request for an album for the speaker.

The speaker is created by Jeff who has been making products from old vinyl records for over ten years. It follows a very similar trend to that of Frederick from Vinyl Pop Art.