The latest by Soulines: Kubrick DCX turntable

Nowadays, there are all sorts of audio manufacturing companies coming out every year, and newer turntable companies tend to lead on. Almost all of these companies offer at least six different types of turntables and sometimes the variety of record player models that a company provides represent different design philosophies. However, few of these turntables will stand out and capture the attention of buyers. One of these is a new top of the line turntable from Souline known as the Kubrick DCX turntable.

The Kubrick DCX is a turntable that takes inspiration from the 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was written and directed by the late Stanley Kubrick. It has been built based on the slowly revolving three hundred yard diameter disk of the film’s space station. This intriguing design makes it one of the most beautiful turntables to made in quite some time, besides the latest record player from Grand Prix Audio.

kubrick dcx

The Kubrick DCX lacks a plinth as is mostly seen in most turntables and is instead supported by a skeletal aluminum chassis which features three pods of different lengths that have been elongated and extended from a central point to also serve as a base for the platter bearing. Given the unusual shape of the pods, it is quite difficult to accurately measure each of them from the center of the chassis out to the center of its supporting foot.

However, from a rough estimation, they seem to measure 200mm (left front pod), 150mm (rear pod), and 250mm (right front pod). The supporting feet at the ends of the pods have also been sized differently with diameters of 70mm (left front foot), 60mm (right front foot), and 40mm for the rear foot. The height of each foot is fully adjustable, and all of them come with rounded soft polymer tips.

The Kubrick DCX’s platter bearing is an inverted type which features a stainless steel axle that is held stationary within a round brass plate.

It has been rigidly affixed to the center of the chassis and also a steel ball that sits in a recess on top of the axle which rides a hefty and well-machined brass outer hub. The hubs have a diameter of 45mm and a bore that is large enough to accept the bearing shaft while still being able to offer freedom of rotation and zero apparent play. A small amount of synthetic oil is used between the shaft and the hub.

Setting up the turntable is quite easy. The main chassis, motor pod, support feet, and tonearm pod all come pre-assembled and the Rega arm board which can be used with either old fashioned single nuts such as the RB250 and the RB300 or newer three bolt Rega arms which are already in place.

You will only be required to perform simple tasks that include; fitting the platter atop the preassembled pods, pre-oiling the bearing, fitting the drive belt, installing the tone arm on the arm board, and installing and aligning the Denon DL-103 cartridge.

The Kubrick DCX turntable is sold and shipped in an impressive well-designed packaging that features a sturdy white carton with multi-layered and compartmentalized foam inserts.

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