Seed: The Newest All In One Turntable Solution

There are a lot of all-in-one turntable solutions on the market today, but I guess that many of them lack in quality. That’s probably one of the questions or reasons the creators of “Seed” had before creating their latest record player. Okay, don’t get mad at me if you own an all-in-one solution and you think it’s the best in the world. I’ve got nothing against it. I just believe that different level of record collectors and various types of expectations.

See the video demonstrating the product below:

The Seed turntable aims to satisfy almost every need of a vinyl enthusiast with one single device. This product is made to demonstrate near-perfect sound quality, wireless capabilities, and a user-friendly experience. It’s true that the vinyl world can be a very daunting place for a beginner or someone looking to buy his first record.

The focus of this device is definitely of quality sound. They’ve used very extensively and high-quality machinery and materials to create this product. Besides the analog sound, the Seed provides, you are also able to stream music digitally. They’ve been able to make listening to records as simple as possible. To some, old or new collectors, simplicity is a definite deciding factor for purchasing an item.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the product on here. Almost $200000 have been funded for this project. People like simple and efficient products, especially if you market it correctly.

The seed turntable from Kickstarter

So to recap, this device consists of a full-on turntable, wifi capabilities, Bluetooth, amplifier and quality set of speakers. It’s a great combination of tech to have all on one single player. It has 1-inch silk tweeters and 4-inch woofer drivers which have increased its dynamic range by around 20 percent.

Seed also contains an exclusive suspension design that helps to filter out vibrations which hold the tonearm steady. The result is a very consisted and great quality sound. The device uses a counterweight to balance the tonearm. In return, this provides a better listening experience and helps keep your records in great shape. The record is not warned out unevenly, which is a great feature to those who are crazy about upholding the vinyl record’s condition.

Besides all these awesome tech benefits I’d have to say the product itself doesn’t look bad at all. The outer frame is made from wood that has been steam-bent. The creators call it a representation of sound waves. It makes me think of some of those vintage radios I’ve previously seen.

What do you feel about the Seed? Would you use an all in one turntable solution or do you hate the idea?

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